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Big Pharma and the Swamp

Today we’re going to talk about Big Pharma and its relationship to the Washington DC swamp. Big Pharma has become massively wealthy at the expense of not only your wallet, but your health too. Big Pharma 70% of Americans take prescription medications, more than any other country in the world. On average, each American pays $1026.00 per year on pharmaceuticals […]

Ejuva Body Cleanse Program

Become Healthy Now! The Ejuva Body Cleansing program is formulated specifically for the detoxification of the Alimentary canal (from your throat to your rectum), your blood, your organs, your lymphatic system and your tissue cells, while improving elimination and general well being. Since every human being has unique health requirements, the program has been designed […]

The Body’s Filters

Our Body’s Filters Are Very Efficient In Dealing With Toxins For this discussion we will define herbal cleansing as when one consumes herbs for a temporary amount of time to rid the body of toxic wastes. Some experts will have you believe that our bodies have built in filters and all one must do is […]

What makes a Great Cleanse?

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast Ejuva was founded nearly 20 years ago. Back then there were few cleanses available. Cleansing was not well known and Mucoid Plaque was virtually unheard of. Since that time cleansing, like the raw food movement has exploded.  It seems everyone has jumped on the cleansing band wagon to […]

To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast Are raw plants alone enough to produce health in the human body? Are they enough to actually reverse disease? This debate has been ongoing for much longer than I have been a raw foodist. On one hand the hygienists claim uncooked whole plants are all that’s required. Many […]

Why Some Raw Food Leaders Have Cancer

**The following is simply our belief.  It is backed by massive research and more importantly thousands of successes on the war against cancer.  It’s OK if you choose to believe otherwise.  This is our perspective regarding  the cause of most cancers. Cancer (Carcinoma, Malignancy, Neoplasm, Tumor) Cancer is the end disease of all diseases. It’s […]

Raw Food Diet

WHAT IS TOTAL HEALTH Total health is a condition of wholeness, in which every cell of the body is performing 100% of its designed function 100% of the time, and is communicating (coordinated) with every other cell of the body. This will allow for every tissue, gland and organ to carry out every function of […]

Herbal Cleansing

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast THE BODY’S FILTERS Though herbal therapy and meds are incapable of healing or curing anything in the human body.  Herbs do have their place in obtaining optimal health.  Over the years I’ve heard many experts claim all one really needs to do is eat raw foods and the […]


Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast The idea of juicing is not at all new.  Juicing pays back our nutritional deficits better then any other supplement out there!  This is because we are MUCH more capable of obtaining the nutrients found in foods when the food is in liquid form. When we eat solids there […]

Why Cancer Patients Never Catch Colds

Raw Information For Raw Food Enthusiast Colds, Flu’s, and other Infectious Diseases are something virtually every American experiences one to several times per year. Is this just a part of life that we must accept, or are they optional, something we can control? Over the years I’ve read and heard many raw food leaders say they […]