Why Some Raw Food Leaders Have Cancer

**The following is simply our belief.  It is backed by massive research and more importantly thousands of successes on the war against cancer.  It’s OK if you choose to believe otherwise.  This is our perspective regarding  the cause of most cancers.

Cancer (Carcinoma, Malignancy, Neoplasm, Tumor)

Cancer is the end disease of all diseases. It’s the sickest a cell can be and still be alive. An abnormal formation and growth of cells out of a particular tissue or tissues of the body. The cells of a cancerous growth do not respond in unity with the rest of the body. Rather, they compete with the healthy cells for nutrients ultimately ending the life of the the body. In the USA someone dies from cancer every 60 seconds.
Symptoms can range from skin lesions that do not heal, to growths or lumps occurring anywhere in the body. Unlike cysts, these lumps continue to grow and eventually become tender or sensitive to pressure.
Cause~ When a cell becomes extremely toxic and its vitality is at a minimum, the genetic code will be altered in such a way that the next cell produced from this toxic cell will be mutated. The new mutated offspring cell does not act like a normal cell of the tissue from which it was generated. This mutant reproduces cells which as a unit grow together into a tumor, a malignancy, aka a cancerous growth.
This tumor knows no boundary. It invades other tissues and organs and competes with the surrounding tissue for nutrients draining the body of its nutrients and vitality. Death can result to the body from this lack of nutrients but, death usually results when the tumor causes the vital gland or organ to be mechanically or physiologically inhibited from its normal function causing it, and ultimately the whole body to die.

According to the medical industry cancer is

1. An abnormal growth of cells or tissue.

2. Which grows faster than normal tissue.

3. It is not coordinated with the normal tissues of the body.

4. CGH (ChorionicGonadotrophic Hormone) in urine.

5. It competes with normal cells of the body for nutrients.

6. It is invasive, it knows no boundaries as normal cells do.

The above is not a definition, rather, it is a description of cancer. This because medical science has no idea what cancer really is. The above came directly from a medical text book. What is the cause cancer? The medical profession does not have an answer. Quote, “The cause of cancer is still unknown” (Robbins Pathology pg 126). How can this be? They spend billions of dollars annually on research and have done so for over 40 years. Without a cause there can be no cure. In fact, you have a greater chance now of getting cancer than you did in 1950.

They did learn carcinogens may be a cause. Things like smoking, coal, tar, saccharine, x-rays, synthetic hormones, and the list goes on. But, there is something interesting here! Even with the elimination, for the most part, of these carcinogens, cancer rates have steadily risen each year.

So let’s talk about what “we” (quacks like me) think cancer really is. Earlier we enumerated some of the many items the ACS has listed as carcinogens, and in fact they removed many of them from the market place. However, many more have not been taken off the market. Things like smoking, sunshine, estrogen, nitrosamines (chemical coloring’s and preservatives in foods), hexchlorphene (in soaps and deodorants), cadmium (in auto exhausts and fertilizers), drugs, water, and air. Yet, 2 out 3 people do not “get” cancer. This means either the above does not cause cancer, or there is a much deeper and more basic cause of cancer.

What causes cancer?

We believe the best way to answer the question of what causes cancer, is to explain the unorthodox view of cancer. This is view I believe in for so many more reasons than can be listed in this newsletter. This view is called the “Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer”. This view was developed in 1902 by Dr. John Beard, a professor of embryology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Since that Dr. John Beard time MANY have researched this theory only to substantiate Dr. Beards findings.

It all starts when the sperm and egg unite, and begin to divide, two types of cells emerge. One is called the Somatic Cell or normal body cell, the other is called the Primitive Germ Cell. The Primitive Germ cell (PG) contains all the genetic material to form another complete human. Under the right hormonal influence, the newly formed embryo, still in the Fallopian tubes, transforms some of its Primitive Germ cells into Trophoblast cells. These cells grow very quickly and surround the embryo. As the Embryo drops into the uterus, Trophoblasts continue to grow and form a mass which feeds the embryo. This mass is called the Placenta. At about eight weeks the Trophoblast cell growth stops and remains the same until it is expelled at birth.

As the embryo grows the Primitive Germ cells begin migrating to the testes/ovaries in the embryo. They serve as a genetic reserve for this embryo’s future offspring. However, not all the PG cells make it the testes/ovaries. Some 3 billion are left scattered all over the body. This means there are two PG cells for every area the size of a pinhead throughout the entire body.

As previously mentioned, under the right conditions these PG cells transform into Trophopblast cells. Trophoblast cells are unique in that they grow very rapidly, invade other tissue (just as they did in the uterus or the embryo would fall out of the womb), competes for nutrients, and give off a hormone (CGH) that is detected in urine. The CGH hormone was used to detect if a woman was pregnant for many years. The only other reason one is tested for this hormone is to see if one has active cancer in their body. The Trophoblast cell whether it’s in the placenta, or in the body, is identical to the cancer cell. It is the theory that the Trophoblast cell wherever it is found, the placenta, or a cancerous mass, is the same cell.

This means every pregnant woman has a cancerous mass inside of her. So, why doesn’t a pregnant woman die of cancer?

The answer is:

A Trophoblast cell is a normal cell. This can be explained by the mechanism of how cancer actually develops, or how the Primitive Germ cell is triggered into Trophoblast cells, finally becoming a malignant cancerous growth.

Whenever the body is damaged, either by physical trauma, chemical action, or illness. The body sends estrogen and other steroid hormones to the affected areas of the body in great concentrations. These hormones have to do with cellular repair and growth. It is estrogen that causes the Primitive  Germ cells to convert into Trophoblast cells.

Throughout the body there are millions of Primitive Germ cells. So, when the estrogen is sent for healing it converts the Primitive Germ cells into Trophoblast cells. It is believed that these Trophoblasts play a major role in the healing process. So it is considered healthy and normal for them to develop. Therefore we can say no one is ever free of Trophoblast or cancer cells (not even raw fooders).  If that is so, the obvious question you must be asking yourself is, why doesn’t everyone have cancer?  With the above understood, I can now answer the actual question of what we believe causes cancer.

We would assume that our immune system which fights disease takes care of trophoblasts before they become an issue. Not true, our immune system can only kill what is foreign to the body and Trophoblasts are not foreign. Trophoblasts surround themselves with a protein coating which has a negative charge. The cells of our immune system have the same negative charge. Since like repels like, the immune system ignores both Trophoblasts and cancer cells.

So, lets back up a bit to the question of why pregnant woman do not have cancer. In the 8th week of pregnancy the placenta (made of Trophoblast cells) stops growing. It just so happens that the Embryo pancreas begins to function at 8 weeks. The pancreas produces pancreatic enzymes that are positively charged. Because of this positive charge they are attracted to and then breakdown proteins. These enzymes are what keep the Trophoblast cells in check. It is significant to note that at the site where the pancreas empties into the small intestine, it is almost unheard of that cancer ever occurs there.

After the pancreatic enzymes are dumped into the small intestine, they are absorbed into the blood stream and carried to all parts of the body. Every cell of the body is bathed. The protein coat of the Trophoblast cell is broken down. This is when the immune system moves in and destroys the cell and carries off the remains.

So a CONTRIBUTING cause of cancer is a lack of pancreatic enzymes. This usually happens when too much protein is consumed. This would explain why the countries that eat the most protein have the highest rates of cancer. We can also inherit a weak pancreas via genetics, or cause its weakening through injury or illness.

The carcinogens we come in contact with, and the injuries we sustain cause estrogen to saturate the injured area and Trophoblast cells are produced. If there are no enzymes to stop their growth the Trophoblasts/cancer cells take over. In essence the injury, carcinogens, or genetically inherited weaknesses do not cause the cancer, they merely determine where cancer will occur.

We can also see how an excess of estrogen, either through hormone therapy or birth control pills, could predispose one to cancer. Cancer in children however is a bit different in that toxic parents upon conception combined with vaccines and synthetic prenatals can create toxic babies ( a different newsletter).

The medical industry chooses to look for a foreign virus that causes cancer. Or, perhaps the Sun beams down the cancer. Or both, in their minds. We believe this ideology is why there will never be a cure for cancer. The medical industry with their barbaric and expensive procedures have an 88% failure rate with cancer. Their treatments typically make the condition worse and they know it. A quote from a medical text states the following, “There is an increased frequency of cancer in people who have been exposed to long term immunosuppressive therapy,” which are chemo and radiation therapies.

Those that choose to battle cancer through nutrition based programs have a 68% cure rate. I believe if the sick came to us sooner it would be closer to 100%. The scientific community says that we are just experimenting, not accomplishing anything, keeping the patient from the care they need. I quote from the Merch manual medical text, page 974 and I’ll let you decide who the quacks are.

*”Since all of the agents [chemotherapy drugs] used are to some degree immunosuppressive as well as being cytotoxic [toxic to the cells of the  body], their use is not without risk.”

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments regarding cancer we will do our best to answer them for you. For those interested we have many newsletters regarding health at www.ejuva.com

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