Why does the ÉJUVA program take longer than other cleansing programs?

It is a widely held misconception that deep intestinal cleansing can be accomplished in a few days or a week. In fact it takes absolute years to clean out the average Liver using herbs.

Dozens of intestinal cleansing programs promote the idea of a “spring cleaning.” Most of these so-called ‘quick cleanse’ products stimulate the intestine with herbs that widen the bowel, stimulate peristalsis, mobilize accumulated fecal matter and thus merely increase the frequency of bowel movements. While increased elimination gives consumers some relief, they do not address the removal of tenacious waste deposits that have accumulated over the years. It makes sense that short term cleanses cannot eliminate long-term waste build-up. It took months, perhaps even years, for your body to become unbalanced.

These short term cleanses are little more than “Herbal Laxitives.” Restoring optimal health requires an investment of time and energy in the healing process. Deep cleansing is best done more slowly over the course of one month to ensure removal of parasites and their eggs. This is accomplished with the safe yet powerful health-promoting herbs found in all ÉJUVA products.

We recommend repeating the EJUVA program after six months, up to twice every year, until you feel clean. This allows your body to maintain the cleansing, health-building action of the herbs for extended periods. The body is not a machine or mechanical apparatus to be flushed or swept out “Roto-Rooter style.” Healthful cleansing does not shock the body into eliminating bodily waste. Instead, proper cleansing helps bring the body into a state of balance by ridding itself of mucoid
debris, toxins, and parasites. Intestinal cleansing with herbs and plants offers the wonderful
opportunity to restore our bowels to a state of optimal health.

There are several other cleansing programs available in the health marketplace. Why is yours better?

Intestinal cleansing is certainly not a new idea, and it is true that there are other cleansing systems out there. The majority, however, either do not go deep enough to rid the body of harmful old mucoid deposits and toxins, or they are too harsh on the body as well as being addictive. We do not use bentonte clay. In my opinion, clay is too harsh, too drying and too full of heavy metals to even consider being safe.

The Éjuva intestinal regeneration and renewal program is unique in that is based on a synthesis Ayurvedic, Western, Japanese and Chinese herbs whose efficacy has stood the test of time. Many people who use other intestinal programs find themselves out of balance for months afterwards. Some even suffer ongoing gastric disturbances. Our program was specifically designed to avoid this and keep people of all body types balanced during the program, and afterwards. It
was not easy to create an intestinal cleansing system that was nurturing, yet powerfully effective. We feel we’ve accomplished this, and Éjuva is endorsed by many of the world’s most respected health authorities.

Your program is expensive. Why is that?

The Éjuva program is made with MANY organic and wildcrafted herbs wherever possible. This attention to quality drives the costs up. In addition, absolutely no fillers, binders, flow agents, or preservatives are ever used. In fact, when we were looking for a laboratory to compress our vegetarian capsule products, none were able to meet our stringent conditions. In order to make our vegetarian capsules without using these harmful ingredients, Éjuva uses a proprietary, no-heat process developed
by Éjuva’s formulator, Steven Hurwitz.

Our vegetarian capsules have nothing in them but the purest of plant ingredients. This also means that because there are no flow agents to help the powders run through a hopper into the encapsulating machine, a trained technician must be there to constantly supervise the machine, stirring the powders to maintain proper flow. Again, this increases our costs.

Who should cleanse?

Almost everyone, except for extremely weakened individuals, can benefit from proper intestinal cleansing. Even if you eat an ideal diet, you may not be receiving all the available health enhancing nutrients if your intestines aren’t properly digesting and assimilating the food you eat. During an intestinal cleanse, the body expels unwanted digestive waste matter, unhealthy bowel flora and old mucus layers, all of which are ideal breeding grounds for parasites and fungi
(such as Candida albicans). Intestinal cleansing also facilitates the mobilization and elimination of stored toxins from the blood, organs, lymphatic system and other tissues.

While cleansing often helps the body fight or prevent illness, it is important to remember that not every health problem can be helped by cleansing. A myriad of other factors, such as genetic weaknesses, structural injuries and imbalances, emotional stress, environmental poisoning, also contribute to illness. Nevertheless, cleansing HAS proven to be effective with conditions such as compromised immune systems, Epstein-Barr virus, Herpes, Candida, parasites, Roseola (a
form of middle-age acne), sluggish liver, low blood sugar and mood swings. Many ailments that at first glance appear to have nothing to do with the intestines (certain skin diseases, fatigue, problems with weight, weak immune systems and fungal diseases) have been greatly improved or eliminated entirely with intestinal cleansing.

Cleansing is not recommended for women during pregnancy, post-operative patients, and those whose health is very fragile due to any number of causes. People taking allopathic medications, or who have intestinal inflammation, diverticulitis, colon cancer or similar conditions, should seek the help of a qualified health practitioner before undergoing any cleansing program.

I’ve never fasted. Do I have to?

No. In fact, for many elderly individuals or the infirm, it is often better to stay on Phase 3 for two weeks instead of going on to Phase 4.

Other cleansing programs use bentonite clay in their formulas. Why don’t you?

Lets be honest, Bentinite is a type of dirt, its dead, its acidic, its dehydrating, it costs the body in valuable nutrients to expel from the body, and according to independent laboratory analyses, bentonite clay contains roughly 22% aluminum. While it has not been conclusively proven, there is sufficient evidence that aluminum plays a role in the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

Bentonite is not used in any Éjuva product. Instead, I have created RENEW, an Ayurvedic, Chinese, Japanese formulation of herbs and fruits. I consider this a major breakthrough. In RENEW, we use the herb combination Triphala which, rather than drying the body like bentonite clay, RENEW pulls out toxins and naturally lubricates the intestines, further building the immune system. We also add herbs which are anti-fungal, antiparasitic, and immune system supporting such as Pau d’Arco, and Pseudowintera colorata. Another wonderful benefit of RENEW is that those who suffer from chronic constipation now find welcome, gentle relief, with less need for enemas or colonics.

What about Senna? Why don’t you use Senna leaves?

Never, never, never use Senna. Not only is it habit-forming, Senna causes intestinal griping (that SUDDEN urge to go to the toilet) because it substitutes normal peristaltic action with a harsh artificial one. Many people who have used Senna have lost their natural peristaltic action until they cease use.

I am overweight, can I do your cleanse?

Yes, by all means. Some have reported weight losses of up to 40 lbs. in one month! Usually an overweight person can expect to lose around 20 lbs. in the first month. If you take the program on a long-term basis after the first month, it is easy to lose more weight and keep it off.

I am underweight, can I do your cleanse?

Éjuva helps your body harmonize to its ideal body weight, its own homeostatic “zero point.” This means that while overweight people tend to lose weight, people who are very thin either do not lose additional weight during the cleanse, or only lose a few pounds and quickly gain them back within a few weeks.

Do I need to take an enema?

The Éjuva program goes a long way to remove tremendous amounts of toxins and wastes from the body. However, due to poor diet, lack of tone in the intestines, blockages and lack of peristaltic action, the intestines may sometimes need a little more help in the form of an enema. Cleaning the lower intestines with the pure water of an enema can definitely help remove even more wastes and blockages. In summary, enemas may not be necessary, but they are often very helpful.

I suffer from flatulence. What can I do?

One of the wonderful additional benefits of the cleansing program is that it helps clear up flatulence. However, if you experience any flatulence after cleansing, try drinking peppermint or catnip tea.

I’m on the road a lot, can I do the cleanse?

Yes, absolutely, you’ll be able to maintain control. We even have bus drivers doing our program. Can you imagine them saying to their passengers “hmm…, hold on a minute, I need to……”

Is it necessary to take all the products in the kit?

Yes. The components of the program are designed to complement each other and should be taken together.

Can I take BALANCE by itself, while not cleansing?

BALANCE can be taken by itself even after the cleanse. It is especially good for organ-balancing and increasing energy.

I have Candida. Will the ÉJUVA Program help me?

Due to the action of the program’s Ayurvedic herbs, particularly Pseudowintera Colorata, most people experience a significant improvement in their Candida symptoms. For some, Candida symptoms disappear entirely. Our CANDI NOT program is available for those stubborn cases.

Can I go back to my old “not so great” way of eating after the program?

I don’t recommend it. Cleansing is wonderful opportunity for you to tune into what your body really wants and needs. Be kind to yourself. Most people want to feel healthy after the program.

I’ve done many cleanses before, can‘t I start with Phase 2 or 3?

It is not recommended. The herbs need to build up a momentum in the body. Prematurely starting with these later Phases can short-change you of the full elimination and balancing effects that the program offers you.

I have many food addictions. Can this help?

We receive numerous testimonials from people who have eliminated their cravings for excess sweets, chocolate, coffee, meat etc. The herbs are specifically designed to help with the removal of food addictions. Most people report eating healthier than they ever have before.

Do I need to eat a raw food diet?

We all possess freedom of choice. In the past, traditional cultures honored the ways of nature and knew the importance of eating live and raw natural foods as a major component of their nutritional intake. I strongly recommend eating as much raw, uncooked foods to your diet as possible.

As mentioned before, these foods include vegetables and fruits, germinated and sprouted grains, nuts and seeds, alkalinizing juices, and some dehydrated and fermented foods. Living “raw” foods such as sprouts provide us with so much vitality because of the abundant bioelectrical forces present in them. Kirlian photography has shown that the electrical energysurrounding a tray of wheatgrass enhances the bio-force field surrounding the human body
merely by being in its proximity.

The abundance of oxygen in living foods is vitally important. Oxygenation of the bloodstream is essential to the nourishment of all the cells in one’s body. Numerous studies reveal that oxygen deprivation within the body leads to disease and death. On a living foods diet, a continual supply of oxygen is fed into the system—with extremely beneficial results.

Sprouting increases the amount of nutrition in foods. As soon as a seed, grain or nut is soaked, it becomes more easily digested as enzyme inhibitors, phytates (natural insecticides), oxalates, etc., are washed away. During the germination process, sprouts literally spring to life: starches are converted into simple sugars, proteins are broken down into amino acids, fats are converted into soluble fatty acids, and vitamins are created where they didn’t exist in the same food in
its pre-sprouted state.

Living foods that are germinated and sprouted afford us the most concentrated natural sources of vitamins, chelated minerals and amino acids. They also contain abundant enzymes and bioelectrical energy. Pound for pound, leafy sprouts and seed or grain sprouts yield just as much protein as red meat, yet in a totally digestible form without saturated fat, cholesterol, artificial hormones and antibiotics that are found in most present-day meats.

With these simple truths in mind, it is easy to see how harmony can be restored to the body through the use of fresh, raw and living foods. Raw foods, however, are not a “cure all”—there are many other factors that create health. Among them are simple things such as exercise, positive mental attitude, sufficient rest, and fresh air. It seems that not everybody can tolerate an all-raw food diet, however. After generations of eating cooked and highly processed foods from crops which have been raised on poor soil, our bodies have to some degree lost their ability to fully extract and absorb the optimum life force and goodness from food. If you’ve been eating a junk food diet full of fried food and meats, gradually transitioning to raw foods is better along with proper supplementation.

Nevertheless, raw foods—for the majority of people—supports maximum and optimal cleansing. However, in your dietary transition, eating steamed vegetables still allows cleansing to take place. And although eating a 100% raw food diet is allows for maximum cleansing, a 75% raw food diet is sufficient to maintain vibrant health—assuming all other factors that contribute to health are being observed.

Why do I need to take MOFLORA, can’t I just use plants and herbs in my daily diet?

You could. No changes will be noticed if there are insufficient amounts of healthy bacterial flora to begin with (due to loss from antibiotics, stress, poor digestion, etc.) Grown on a chicory base, the human-specific probiotic cultures contained in MOFLORA are specifically designed to give your intestinal tract the boost it needs to regain its optimal bacterial balance. The Worlds authority Dr. Ken Kobioshi says we all need 2-3 pounds of healthy flora in us at all times. Ken formulated our Probiotic for us and included all 9 known probiotic and they are all a human strain (most come from cows and pigs)

Why don’t you ship in plastic for reduced weight?

All our products are packed in an exclusive light-shielding Swiss-made violet glass and recycled Tins which not only protects the vibrational essence of the product, but amplifies and potentizes its energetic properties. As you can see, we are purists. We want to offer you the very best—because you deserve the very best.