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The idea of juicing is not at all new.  Juicing pays back our nutritional deficits better then any other supplement out there!  This is because we are MUCH more capable of obtaining the nutrients found in foods when the food is in liquid form. When we eat solids there is limit to how much a body can break down, assimilate, absorb, get use out of no matter how much is eaten in a day.  The body’s first priority for the nutrients it pulls from food is NOT for healing. Rather, it goes to survival purposes first.  Your body’s first goal is just to get through the day, not to heal you, or pay back your debts.  If, at the end of the day there are any nutrients left over the body will use those to pay back debts aka for healing. There is no way ANYONE can both pay back their nutritional debts and get through their normal daily survival requirements of nutrition by eating food alone.  This because no food is healthy enough and no person is healthy enough.  This requires “extra” nutrients and the best place to get these nutrients is through juicing. When juicing we receive 99% of the nutrients which is FAR more then we can obtain from solids.  This process is known as Osmosis.  This is when the “normal” channels of digestion is not used.  Rather, the nutrients are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Through juice we remove the pulp (or cells) that hold in the valuable nutrients.  So if you want to heel, it is important that one takes in more nutrients then available in a days worth of raw food. We were NEVER meant to get sick or diseased!!! The food we consume was NOT meant to heal us.  Rather, it was meant to get us through the day, to keep us alive.  Now that we are sick, now that raw foods are lacking in nutrients, good luck with getting well with raw foods alone.  Despite what the well meaning, self taught raw food “experts” tell you. These people do not have clinics, these people do not test you, so I’m suggesting be careful to whom you listen.  Its easy to fall for the raw food is enough syndrome because it sounds so warm and fuzzy.  Trust me when I say I wish it was true, and for a very few it may be true. But, for the majority we know otherwise. Juicing is a supplement in the sense that is not a whole food.  Juice is by far the best way to regain health!  Juicing supplies nutrients to the body at wholesale.  The body has no solids to break down, no digestion required, all nutrients are absorbed straight into the blood even if you have poor digestion, all without effort. You must eat right to get through day and to make sure there is no narrowing of nutrients nor adding of toxins.  You juice in between, or instead of meals to pay back your nutritional debts. The source of the juice matters!  Pasteurized juices from cans and boxes cannot rebuild health.  Your juice, or solids for that matter must come from organic unpasteurized plants, otherwise the nutrient content is almost zero. Your Juice MUST come from plants that are enzynamically alive.  Though you can find amino acids, fats, sugars, etc in cooked foods. There is a CRITICAL component not found in the dead/cooked foods (not to mention the damage to the nutrients, pH levels and water caused by heat).  What really sets raw foods/juices apart are critical components called enzymes.  Enzymes are not found in cooked/pasteurized plants rendering them almost useless.  Enzymes are what make the nutrients more accessible to our cells.  Enzymes are everything to us!  Enzymes are what carries in the nutrients, they digest the nutrients, they assimilate the nutrients, they play a critical role in getting the nutrients into our tissues for carrying out the metabolic processes that keep us alive.  They are critical for tearing down our old used up cells and building brand new fresh cells.  We are all about enzymes, forget about health, there is no life without enzymes! I can name case after case of “miracles” caused by live juicing.  From a baby that had no personality, she would not crawl or even turn over.  All the Dr.’s thought she was retarded, but the tests came back negative. We replaced her formula with our version of mother milk (1/3 raw goats milk, 1/3 water, 1/3 raw celery juice for folic acid).  After 1 week the baby came alive, a very happy baby, with personality, crawling and turning over with the energy of a Cheetah.

There was a person that was brought in by his friend (a former patient). This person, a chef was sent home to die, his doctors gave him a 2 -4 week expiration date.  After testing him it seemed as though his doctors were right.  So he was placed on a juice fast.  Nothing but live juices.  Every 2 weeks he was re-tested, he became stronger and stronger till 6 months later he had went from 350 lbs to 200lbs.  Its been many years and he’s still alive today.  Mr America, 29 years old and looking more buffed then anyone I’ve ever met.  After getting his tissues tested. It was discovered that they were equal to a 63 year old’s tissue.  After Six months of juicing (not steroids) he was re-tested.  His tissue came in at level of a 40 year old’s tissue and then we lost touch. Its all about the magic of enzymes!  When our fuel is devoid of enzymes then our bodies must slow down and compromise its own health.  Dr. Edward Howell, the father of enzymoligy, (the study of enzymes) stated we are born with x amount of enzymes.  The exact amount is unknown but the amount is determined by mother during pregnancy.  How well she ate while pregnant, genetics, etc. Everyday we live we burn enzymes, not just those used for digestion, as those are the ones we think about as raw foodists when enzymes are mentioned.  But, there are other enzymes as well, thousands of enzymes.  Enzymes for the Brain, Kidneys, on and on.  We call those type enzymes metabolic enzymes.  Everyday we burn enzymes, they need to be replenished and our only source is through plants.  You can compare Enzymes to money, say you were born with alot so you lived high on the hog.  But, by age 50 you realized that if you continue to live like this you will run out of money by age 60.  So your choices are you can live the same manner and run out ( which is death when dealing with enzymes), or you can cut back a bit and live a little longer. Or, you can actually get a job (eat raw foods) and still live the lavish lifestyle known as health without ever running out of money.  When it comes to health we will be deciding on one of two things.  Either we will want to get our health back, or we never want to get sick in the first place. In either case juicing is a complete home run for the human body.  It both promotes the healing process and prevents sickness by supplying the type of nutrition the human body is desperate for.  Juice gets that nutrition into our bodies in a VERY efficient manner. Our body knows all by itself how to be healthy.  We just need to get out of its way so it can do just that.  In fact health is given, disease must be earned.  Soon as we get off the body’s back, stop the wrongs, give it the rights, the body will do the rest.

Not only is raw juice loaded with enzynamically live nutrients that are readily available for easy, effortless assimilation by the body.  But, digestion of solids are VERY energy consuming. Since juicing requires very little energy for the body to process.  The extra energy is sent back to the body for making repairs.  Right now you work eight hours per day to earn your money. Imagine working two hours a day for the same money.  Would that not make you more efficient in all the other aspects in your life?  6 more hours a day everyday, would you not be able to get caught up on the things that you were putting off, or doing the minimum on? You may be wondering what to juice to get which vitamins and minerals. Juice a large variety and you are guaranteed to get them all.  Juice is the very best Multi Vitamin there is!


  • Prepare the plants as though you were going to eat them whole. e.g. wash them, peel if required (if you would not eat the peel then don’t juice the peel), DE-seed if required.
  • Prepare foods for juicing right before you juice.  Once you peel it, you’ve broken the seal!
  • Use a wide variety of fruits and veggies.  Unless your body is craving something in particular.  If your body is trying to tell you something then listen.  Once your body has what it wants you will no longer crave that food.
  • It is generally better not to mix fruits and veggies in the same glass with few exceptions. This because their enzymes are too foreign to each other and they don’t break down in the body quite as well as they do when they are with their own kind. The exception is apples, they go with anything, they are a great sweetener for swamp water.  Celery will go with anything as well. This is great news for those low in Iron & B’s. A friend who had just delivered twins had hemorrhaged really bad.  Her tests came back as very anemic (low in iron).  So her Dr prescribed some really synthetic iron pills.  I had her juice LOTS of celery and two weeks later her Dr re-tested her. S he did not tell him she did not take the iron pills.  He came in the examination room and said, “He had never seen those iron pills work that well before!” : )
  • When making veggie juices the majority of the juice should be either carrot or tomato. But DO NOT mix them together!  The acid in the tomato juice will interfere with the carbohydrate starch of the carrot juice. 80- 90% of the glass should be one of the above.  The rest should be the other veggies and/or apple.
  • Never add spices, herbs or seasoning, they are perfect just the way they are!



  • 8 – 10 oz’s per hour, no more then one gallon per day.  Juice is VERY concentrated. Think about how many carrots you need to make your juice.  Can you eat that many in one sitting? One of the reasons pulp is there is so we don’t eat too much nutrition and overwhelm the body.
  • Ideally consume the juice as soon as possible after making it.  This because while its being juiced oxygen is being mixed with it.  Oxygen kills enzymes.  There are those that say juice is no good after a few hours.  Not true, 80% of the enzymes are better then no enzymes.  But the sooner you drink the better.  If needed you may juice and freeze the juice.  Take it out when you need it and let thaw.  You will still retain 80-90% of the enzymes.
  • Do not think of juice as a thirst quencher.  Don’t be fooled because its liquid, it is a food.  It NEEDS to mix with your saliva.  There is a enzyme in your saliva called Tyline. This enzyme is for starches, so slow down and slip your juice!
  • Never eat while juicing!  It’s too much food for the body to deal with.  Juice is either an in between meal snack, or its used as the entire meal itself.
  • Do not juice heads of iceberg lettuce, rhubarb, or asparagus as they contain naturally occurring acids that rob the body of calcium.
  • No garlic, ginger, onion, radish etc in your juices.  Herbs contain too many toxins in them. You should NOT be naturally attracted to herbs.  If you are; you have health issues.  Because all herbs have more toxins then nutrients they actually cost the body in nutrients.
  • No sweeteners, if you juice something like carrot and they are not sweet its a poor crop. Throw them out.  Your taste buds will tell you as sweetness is a indicator of nutritional content.

If you want juicing recipes and more juicing tips contact Ejuva 866 GO EJUVA (463 5882) or [email protected].  If you want to know exactly which vitamins and minerals you are deficient so you can choose exactly which plants your body’s needs checkout  Ejuva’s Health by Mail program. HAPPY JUICING

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