Big Pharma and the Swamp

Today we’re going to talk about Big Pharma and its relationship to the Washington DC swamp. Big Pharma has become massively wealthy at the expense of not only your wallet, but your health too.

Big Pharma
70% of Americans take prescription medications, more than any other country in the world. On average, each American pays $1026.00 per year on pharmaceuticals either directly, or indirectly.The people of Japan are a distant second paying $752.00 each. Denmark pays the least at $240.00 per person, per year, even though most of Denmark’s drugs are developed and manufactured here in the USA. 
Despite this expense Americans do not have better health than the rest of the world. America is the sickest civilization to have ever walked earth. Both the AMA and CDC admitted that, “America is in the worst epidemic of Chronic Degenerative disease that mankind has ever known.” In an annual survey regarding various countries health ratings, America’s health is ranked dead last out of the 100 participating counties. At the turn of the 20th century America was ranked as the #1 healthiest country in the world when compared to the exact same 100 counties. This is when Holistic practices dominated America such as Homeopathy. Drugs had not yet arrived.
America is currently ranked as having the 26th best life expectancy rate in the world, we are tied with Chile. Ask yourself, who benefits if we spend more money on meds, yet become sicker? The answer is Big Pharma, whose purpose is not only to sell as many drugs as humanly possible, but to sell those drugs at the highest prices as humanly possible. Big Pharma has a large medicine cabinet full of swampy ways to insure those sales. It’s much like a revolving door that spins from the FDA (fraud and death administration) to the Pharmaceutical industry.
The FDA is the regulatory industry who decides which drugs will make it to market. Researchers charted the careers of those who work for the FDA and make the regulatory decisions on which drugs will be approved for sale. The researchers found that 60% of the reviewers that left the FDA went on to work for the Bio Pharmaceutical industry. The lead researcher, Dr. Vinay Prasad of Oregon Health and Science University said quote, “If you know in the back of your mind your career goal is to someday 
work on the other side of the table, I wonder if that changes the way you will regulate?” What do you think?
Perhaps the most blatant example of the revolving door is former Louisiana congressman Billy Tauzin. From 2001- 2004 Billy chaired the House Energy and Commerce Committee which oversees the FDA. During his tenure drug as well health insurance companies contributed nearly one million dollars to his campaign. In exchange, Tauzin was instrumental in pushing the “Medicare Modernization Act” of 2003 through the house. By doing so he insured that Medicare CANNOT negotiate with drug companies for lower pricing of drugs. He also made sure drugs which are manufactured in the USA and are exported to Canada, CANNOT be re-imported to the USA which would drive down pricing and help those in need.
After years of pushing Big Pharma friendly legislation what did our buddy Billy do next? He left congress where he was earning about 150k per year to run Big Pharma’s extremely powerful trade group called, The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, aka PHRMA. A job that Big Pharma rewarded him with for all his loyalty as a congressman. This job paid him $2,000,000.00 per year. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.This is the reality of the swamp, we all pay more while the elite few become very wealthy and powerful.
Senator Max Baucas was the person in charge of the ObamaCare legislation. But, the person who has been described as the most responsible for the actual drafting of what became ObmaCare is someone you should know about. Her name is Elizabeth Fowler. Ms. Fowler was Vice President for public policy at Wellpoint Anthem. Anthem was America’s second largest private insurance company. Who better to become Max Baucas’ Chief Health Counsel? How convenient for the swamp to have one of their own writing the Obamacare legislation. And how convenient for Ms. Fowler, when after the passage of O.C., she happened to land an extremely high paying position as, Head of Global Health Policy for none other than Johnson and Johnson. It just so happens that Johnson and Johnson was the chief beneficiary of Obama’s signature legislation. The question once again comes to mind, do you write legislation differently if you know you will massively benefit from the legislation?
The Swamp Does Not Stop There:
The Independent wrote, “Big Pharma and Government are turning a blind eye to corruption!”  As you know, Big Pharma has VERY deep pockets. In 2016 the industry spent a massive $246,000,000.00 on lobbying. Boy did that money pay off Big Time, for Big Pharma! Big Pharma is now legally aloud to corrupt its own clinical trails.

Clinical trials are supposed to be an objective scientific way of showing new medicines are both safe and effective. There’s only one problem with these trials, they’re not objective at all! Many of the trials are now written by “ghost writers” of the pharmaceutical industry. They carry out their own test, on their own drugs, and publish their own findings in medical journals under the names of top researchers. Researchers who had absolutely nothing to do with the trials. All 100% legal, all thanks to the swamp. These shady clinical trails are a complete and total fraud! One such industry funded trail claimed that a particular anti depressant had a 94% success rate. A later test by a different researcher showed a much, much lower success rate.
These very drug companies are paying Doctors to participate in surveys of medications that the doctors have never even prescribed. In fact, Big Pharma spends $42,000,000,000.00 (billion) per year just on targeting doctors. Remember that the next time you visit your doctor. On average doctors are paid $61,000.00 per year by Big Pharma to push particular drugs whether they work or not, or whether you need them or not. The Daily Beast reported, ” Big Pharma is America’s new Mafia!”
 The Swamp Deepens:
To include the official guidelines for prescribing drugs. For example, Statins are the drugs used to treat high cholesterol. Eight out of the nine doctors who wrote the recent national cholesterol guidelines received large sums monies from Statin drug manufacturers. The Psychiatrist responsible for the over 
diagnosing of children with ADHD received $1,600,000.00 from the manufacturers of the drugs that are used to treat, you guessed it, ADHD. Perhaps 
the most disgraceful swampy behavior is Big Pharma’s role in America’s current opioid epidemic. This epidemic killed 52,000 Americans last year alone. A health crisis that is so bad it’s actually driving down America’s life expectancy rating. 
For most of the last century, the rampant addiction which  accompanies opioid use meant that opioids were shunned as a treatment for pain. That all changed in the 1990’s with large scale lobbying and massive public relations efforts by Big Pharma to make opioids acceptable. A big part of this movement was ran by a non profit known as, The American Pain Foundation. Sounds nice, right? A non profit focused on reducing pain for Americans. This organization was basically a front for Big Pharma. This non profit received 90% of its funding from Big Pharma. The Washington Post reported, “Patient Advocacy Group Funded By Success of Painkiller Drugs”.
Several of the “non profit” board members have ties to drug companies who produce none other than opioids. As a result this non profit successfully lobbied against the limits of opioid use. The most commercially successful of the opioid manufacturers is Oxicontin. Oxicontin was released in 1996 by Purdue Pharma. They promised that the Oxicontin can be prescribed with much less risk of abuse and addiction then the opioids of the past. Well, it turns out that was a huge lie! So much so in 2007 Purdue Pharma paid $600,000,000.00, the highest fine ever for a drug company after 3 executives plead guilty to felony mis-branding. Don’t feel too sorry for them. Purdue Pharma is owned by the Slacker Family. In 2015 the Forbes list of America’s richest families listed the Slacker family as #16, with a net worth of 14 Billion Dollars. Would you spend 600mil to make 14 bil, that’s a pretty great ROI!
The health swamp is like no other, it is literally killing people, while enriching those who play in the swamp. The vaccine regiment changed very dramatically around 1989. The reason it changed is that Congress, drowning in pharmaceutical industry money, did something they’ve never done for any other industry. They gave blanket legal immunity to all the vaccine companies. No matter how sloppy the line protocol, or how absent the quality control, no matter how toxic the ingredient, or how egregious the injury to your child, you cannot sue them. So there’s no depositions, there’s no discovery, there’s no class actions. All of a sudden, vaccines became enormously profitable. It was a gold rush for the pharmaceutical industry, and a mad dash to add new vaccines to the schedule. As a youth I received 3 vaccines and I was compliant, it now takes 63 vaccines to be considered compliant.
In January of 2017, a group of very prestigious scientists published a robust study of African children. They studied the DPT vaccine. This vaccine is for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, which is the most widely distributed vaccine in the world. 
Virtually every child in Africa is inoculated with this vaccine. This time however, they did a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study, which has never been done before. (Gee, I wonder why?) The info used in this study came from those that were, and were not vaccinated in the years 1978 – 1981. Apparently if one is frail and suffers from malnutrition they will not vaccinate. What they found was the kids who got the vaccine, the strong, innocent little babies, were five (if male) to ten (if female) times more likely to die in the next two months as compared to the frail kids who were not vaccinated.
This study was funded by the Danish government. What was concluded by the government was not only were the people conducting the test bullet-proof scientists, they said quote,  “The vaccines are killing more people than diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus combined!” Like always, you will find those that benefit from vaccines that will say the study was flawed.
The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful, both with the media (whom they give $5.4 billion advertising dollars a year) and our government (as they’ve gotten rid of the lawyers so there’s no legal interest in these cases) in their pockets they have really been able to control the debate and silence people like me. I read that when the truth about vaccines is realized by all, it will be considered more devastating than the Holocaust. I’m not so sure that’s not entirely inaccurate. After all, we did hand over our babies just because the people that made the money said we should. 

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to stay out of the swamp. Eat well, keep your body healthy so you’ll never need drugs. Toxins and nutritional deficiencies are what break down our bodies. Find out your body’s nutritional deficiencies, and whether or not you are a host to parasites, Candida, or heavy metals through Ejuva’s  Health by Mail testing. Cleanse the toxins from your body with our 30 day Full  Body Cleanse because these products ARE your tickets out of the swam!
Dr. Charles Partito
Counselor of Natural Health

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