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How Èjuva has done wonders for Jackie Ryan

I have some amazing things happening. Frank and I completed our 7/7 and 7/7-modified and are starting our juice fast and supplements. For the last 3 days I have been expelling the mucoid layer that you speak of in the ejuva booklet! It is unbelievable!!! Today the striated one came out… (the last 2 days were shiny bumpy looking ones). I took pictures and have been showing them to everyone! I figured no one would believe me if I didn’t have proof! How does that stuff stay in our intestines? It’s so slippery, how has it not fallen out before now? And how does our normal bowel movements by-pass it.

No exaggeration Charles, I think I’ve expelled about 10 feet of the mucoid stuff over the last 3 days! Anyway, your knowledge and products are performing miracles here in Canada! I feel great and am so excited to see what kind of shape I’ll be in a month from now. I’d be happy to send the pictures if you are interested. I’m sure you’ve seen it many times… but for me who has only ever heard stories of what we carry in our colon… this has certainly been an incredible journey thus far. Much gratitude!

Day 1 – (Technically day 14 on the program, but the first day of witnessing the mucoid Plaque starting to leave)
– I didn’t take any pictures. What came out was similar to day 2. I was shocked to see what came out and throughout the day decided that if anything else came out, I would take pictures… because no one would believe me. I figured they would simply think I am exaggerating.

Day 2 (My birthday! Best present I’ve ever received!)

Day 3 – these ones were longer, skinnier and striated

Day 4 – Still more!

Day 5

“Several months have passed since I completed the Ejuva program…. I did seem to feel clear headed and well during the program and since then i have become very busy and active in life. I plan on doing some fasts as well as another month of Ejuva this summer as I continue this long term focus on upping the level of my health and the quality of my life in all its aspects over the next several year. I am very happy with the program you have created, the results I received as well as the quality, purity, perfection and loving joyful intention you put into its creation.”


“wow, is your product ever superior! I am doing Phase 4, and am still working, not at all weak. Two people saw me on Monday and then today (Friday) and asked me if I’d had a facelift – ha! Thanks a million. Your product is sooooooo good! Bless you!”

Pam G. Texas

“Can you tell me what is known about the various ‘creatures’ I am eliminating? I realize it varies from person to person. I assume they are parasites of some sort – some kind of strange life from that’s been thriving in me, in addition to just the slug-like blobs and mucus ropes that I assume aren’t/weren’t living. So what is all this stuff, do you know? (I know what I’ve done to cause it.) I’m having a great time and feel euphoric as well as energetic.”

Sid, New York

“I have really been wanting to let you know how great the program was for Kenny and myself. I had excellent results with expelling parasites in the third week. I feel really good. You have put a lot of thought and integrity into this product. Thank you so much.”

Sandra W., California

“Thank you again for this wonderful product you have developed and for taking so much time to speak with me on the phone. My skin has not felt or looked this good since I was a teen. Thank you for helping me feel better about myself and adding a little comfort to my life.”

Jane R., New York

“I had a massage and a colonic yesterday. The colon specialist said I should be the “poster child” for good colon health. She had never seen anyone as clean as I was. She had done another cleanse and I told her that yours did not have bentonite clay in it like the one that did. She will be calling your for information! I lost 12 pounds and many inches. Never had detoxing symptons and get extra rest during this time. I’m surprised so much “gunk” is coming out. I think enemas are the key. Thanks for your product. It was wonderful and I will recommend it to my friends and family. I think it’s going to save a bumch of live or at least keep a lot of people healthy.”

Jan R., Arizona

“I only started your program a few days ago and already I feel Different. I am eating less, and my body craves healthy foods instead of snacks or sweets.
It is a remarkable experience!

The herbs are very mild, easy to take, and have caused no discomfort. I was in reasonably good health when I began, but now I feel even more Energetic, and there’s a new sence of clarity to my thinking. I’ve been able to break out of old habits, create some changes in my life, and take better care of myself. Not to mention how much I’m saving on food…….

Thank you for this excellent product. I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel in a few weeks, and I will definitely be recommending EJUVA to my friends. Keep up the good work!”

Tim L., California

“I like my cleanse very much. It is very gentle and I feel better than I have felt in years, maybe ever. I think it is a godsend. You can quote me on this”

Soloman F., California

“I work in a ‘health food’ store and I have used your intestinal cleanse kit before. I found it to be the most effective cleanse I have ever done. I truly thank you for making such a quality product… I would rather sell my customers a product which truly works rather than one with questionable efficacy.
Thank you for your products and your time.”

Shawn T., Florida

“My name is Steven. Ive been using EJUVA for approximately 3 years. I’ve been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from Epstein Bar virus for Approximately 6 years. I was so sick I was barely able to take care of myself. This condition was aggravated by unipolar depression and arthritis. I would get a flue or cold one after another all year round. Approximately a year and one half after starting EJUVA, I began to have periods of comparable wellness allowing me to participate in some exercise. Iow, I’, able to go for months at a time without getting a flu or a cold. My immune system has rebounding strongly. I feel as though I’ve been brought back from death’s door. I highly recommend EJUVA for anyone suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

Steve B.

“Dear Steven, I just want to take a few moments and tell you about how great this cleanse has been and is for me. I’m now in phase four and I feel fantastic. I’ve only flet bad one time, and that was at the very beginning of phase one. Amazing! I actually feel better during the cleanse than I did before I started it.

I’m not one of those who wants to ‘study’ what comes out, but I know it’s different.

I actually feel much more than I can express in words.

Thank you so much for putting this wonderful program together.


“Oh my gosh, the stuff that came out of me!! There was something spooky in my dukey!! I eliminated tons of worms that I didn’t even know I had and no less than 12 feet of Mucoid Plaque. I used to be tired most of the time and often in a bad mood, now I have tons of energy and I feel fantastic too. Thanks.”

Lori, California

“First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful product I recently purchased through your website following my many months of personal research for that ‘perfect health solution’. I have successfully completed Phase 1 last week and today, I am happily continuing day 2 of Phase 2 with even more optimism of completely restoring my mental, physical and emotional health. As each day passes by, I find myself more excited about the noticeable results the next day will bring. This program is FABULOUS and I cannot tell you how happy I am about EJUVA. As I have told my husband, this is definitely one of the best presents. I have ever given myself!
Thank You Again.

I have been telling everyone I know about the Ejuva program this week, because people have noticed ‘unexplainable’ changes in me – my skin, the texture of my heair, the energy level, more positive attitude than usual (I’ll tell you, I’m pretty darn positive to begin with!). When I started to talk about my new ‘Cleanse’, I readily saw a great level of interest in your product, despite the ‘high’ costs associated with it.

What I find most intriguing about EJUVA is that the product is relatively unknown compared to the ‘Herbal Life’ or ‘Bio-Slim’ products, but it works better (Ihave have tried them both).

Please accept my thanks again for the great product! It is really a superb product and I am greatly benefiting from it! I am a happier person because of EJUVA.

Sooah, New Jersey