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Are raw plants alone enough to produce health in the human body? Are they enough to actually reverse disease? This debate has been ongoing for much longer than I have been a raw foodist. On one hand the hygienists claim uncooked whole plants are all that’s required. Many Hygienists claim there are people out there that are actually lying to you so they can line their pockets selling you fractional foods in the form of pills and powders called “supplements.” The hygienists say, “Supplements do not work!” While on the other hand the pro-supplement people claim one “must” add supplements to whole uncooked plants to achieve maximum health because plants in and of themselves are not enough! Since both of these ideologies cannot possibly be correct, one must be flawed. Which one is it? Today we’ll take a close look at the supplementation debate. We’ll break it down for you and give you our perspective. A perspective that I’m sure most of you have never heard before. In the end, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision as to whether or not supplements are right for you.

Our perspective is based on our combined 42 years of raw food therapy and the 10’s of thousands around the world that we’ve helped (Dr Robbins and I) regain their health. Dr Robbins and I have done the experiments of raw foods only vs. raw foods with supplementation. We strongly feel we have the correct answer because unlike most, we actually pull blood, urine and saliva to find out what the body itself has to say about the subject. In conclusion to our years of testing the human body with and without supplementation, we feel that neither side is 100% correct, nor 100% incorrect. As strange as that may sound, it’s a true statement. Here’s why:

Starting with the Hygienists:

They claim all one needs are raw plants and the body will do the rest. Health will then abound! The body is a self-contained entity and only needs what it is designed to consume. This sounds great in theory! It’s easy to subscribe to! But, this theory is not without its flaws. You see, this ideology requires both perfect foods and perfect bodies. Unfortunately, neither one exists!

What if today’s foods are severely lacking in nutrients, even if organic? What if the healthiest of westernized bodies have a difficult time at best pulling the nutrients out of raw foods? What if food was NEVER meant to heal us? What if food was only meant to get us through the day? That is a new concept for many raw foodists, especially hygienists.

Dr Robbins and I believe that nature/God/innate intelligence (whichever you choose to call it) is perfect! If you give nature a perfect egg and seed, a perfect baby will be created each and every time, 1 million out of 1 million times. Not sometimes, not kind of, not 7 out 10 times, but EVERY single time! The complexity of that miracle is mind boggling! You see, nature only knows how to do things one way. It only knows how to put the egg and seed together one way. That way is perfection, it knows no other way. It is only when man gets involved imperfections are realized. It’s only when the egg or seed or both have been altered in some way do the issues begin. At that point nature does the best with what it is given. Some babies win the nutritional lottery and grow for a hundred years while completely ignoring the laws of nature. While others are born with their stomachs on the outside of their body. So many babies never had the chance to break the laws of nature yet they are not perfect.

To understand what I’m about to say you must realize that defects of the body are man-made, not nature-made! In fact, we are all held nutritionally liable for all the wrongs our ancestors consumed all the way up to what we are consuming today. We are all the result of what was passed down to us known as genetic inheritance.

If life was perfect and no nutritional wrongs ever occurred, no where in our DNA does it say our bodies must make us sick sometime during our lifetime. It’s just not in the blueprints! The point is, food was never intended to heal us, this because we were never intended to be sick. Dr. Robbins and I believe the original intention for the nutrients contained in plants were to get us through the day, not to heal us. By the way, getting us through the day is no small, simple, meager task. We all create trillions of new cells daily while performing more than one billion metabolic functions per second, every second of every day, 24/7.

What If Organic Plants were lacking in Nutrients?

If raw organic foods are lacking in nutrients, we will obviously have a hard enough time just accomplishing the goal of getting our bodies through the day, let alone pay back our nutritional debts. According to The Department of Agriculture and Rutgers University our plants are severely lacking in nutrients.

They both conduct annual examinations of our foods to determine their nutritional content. Sadly, they both reported that our foods are substantially declining in nutrients. We were all meant to consume wild-crafted foods. Wild crafted foods are grown by nature and contain 10 to 20 times more nutrients in them than today’s best organically grown plants. These nutritionally dense wild-crafted foods were meant just to get us through the day, not to heal us.

Raw foodists, especially hygienists, believe that if one consumes raw plants the nutrients contained therein will automatically go to healing their bodies. This is not exactly accurate. Our bodies are NOT programmed for health! Rather, they are programmed for survival. Your body’s first priority is just to get you through the day, not to heal you! Then, if by chance there are any nutrients left over at the end of the day, the body will use those for healing. Because our current organic raw foods are lacking in nutrients, there are barely enough to get us through the day. There are not enough to get us through the day and replenish our nutritional deficits (aka heal you). Trying to heal this way is like trying to pay back a billion dollar debt at a dollar a day, its NEVER going to happen!

What if You Have Digestive Issues?

Even if our foods contained enough nutrients to both get you through the day and pay back your debts, your body can’t utilize all the nutrients! The second problem with the hygienic philosophy is it requires a perfect body. None of the thousands of subscribers reading this newsletter have perfect digestion or perfect assimilation. At Ejuva we have a test called Health By Mail. Two of the things tested are digestion and assimilation. This is done through a measurement of Indican. Indican is a measurement of rotting nutrients in ones body. This is done so we may set up a proper program for their body’s individual needs. We have NEVER found someone that digested and assimilated 100% of the nutrients of the already nutritionally deficient raw organic plants.

The other day the most popular hygienist that I know of wrote me saying, “Charles, I read all your newsletters and I agree with every word they say but, I do not agree with what you wrote this time. People receive more nutrients from solid food then they do from juice!” I had written a newsletter on the importance of juicing, claiming we get more nutrients from juice then we do from solids. He went on to say, “We leave most of the food behind (the pulp) when we juice, so juice cannot possibly offer the body more nutrients!” My jaw hit the floor when I read that, this person is the BEST the hygienic community has to offer! My thought was, if he is wrong about something as simple as this, it certainly is plausible that he is wrong about the big picture as well.

Now, what he said makes perfect sense in theory as do most hygienic theories. But, this is basic food chemistry. I know that his statement is easy to comprehend, but I also know it’s DEEPLY flawed. This because the human body is completely and totally incapable of digesting and assimilating pulp, aka cellulose. As humans we cannot break down cellulose into nutrients or glucose, this because cellulose is far too complex for our bodies to break down. Only animals with three or four stomachs can convert cellulose into usable energy or nutrients. Humans use cellulose for two reasons. First, to prevent us from over eating. Secondly, it’s a fiber that helps us eliminate. Even if we could break down cellulose it contains only trace amounts of nutrients. We found the biggest robbers of nutrients are the actual acts of digestion and assimilation. On average we lose 25% to 50% of all the nutrients contained in the deficient solids because we are all so compromised. With juice, we receive 99% of the nutrients because we digest through a process called osmosis.

Another very well-meaning hygienist with a popular website recently wrote me saying she knows raw food cures diseases! I wrote back saying, “Prove it!” we’ve all heard rumors over the years that food alone heals. However, every time we ask for proof the claimant runs for the hills. I asked her for just one medical file that proved one was diseased, then consumed only foods, and as a result was pronounced cured. We cannot find one medical file on the entire planet that made that statement. As Dr Robbins and I have looked for these files all over Earth for many years. None exist!!! At least we can’t find one.

She wrote back saying, “I know what raw foods have done for my own body!” I said to her, “I have no doubt raw plants are the core nucleus of health. I have no doubt you are less sick because you eat raw foods. But, what about those on a high protein diet? Eating nothing but cooked meat? Their Blood Pressure drops, their Cholesterol drops, their waist lines shrink, as did yours. Are they healthy? Of course not, however, they are less sick. As are you.”

I shared with her that recently a raw foodist was going to give up raw foods as every time she ate them her stomach bloated with great pain. She had tried the hygienists approach but nothing had worked. So she did Ejuva’s Health By Mail test and it was discovered that she had both Cholecystitis and stomach parasites. No plants can cure that! I could not tell you how many thousands we’ve helped around the world with the aid of supplements because food alone could not and did not do the trick. Still, this hygienist felt raw foods were indeed enough. I wondered how did she know since she has only tried things one way? NEVER once in her entire life bothering to try even a single supplement, or to at least test to see if her theory is true. She has no clinic, no patients, never reversed a disease, never drew blood, or urine, and is self-educated. Yet, all the while confidently putting down those that both use and recommend supplements.

So, I invited her to test. To find out if her theories are correct or not. I told her that if she tests perfect I would immediately cease my teachings and beliefs. But, if she did not test perfect she’d have to do the same. It turns out testing is like Kryptonite to the Hygienists. I choose to believe it’s because testing is very revealing and sometimes people are very fearful of the truth. This because truth has an awful habit of proving people wrong. Why else would one not want to know their level of health, especially if they’re in the business of health? I mean think about it, never testing allows one to say they are are right because you are never confronted with the truth (test results). Not having a clinic means you can talk all you want but nothing is ever proven, never actually receiving any sick people means you never have to actually reverse their diseases.

In fact, after being raw for about a decade I had my blood drawn for a blood drive. I had bragged to the nurse that whomever is lucky enough to receive my blood will be leaping buildings in a single bound because I am a 10 year raw foodist! When she tested my blood my cholesterol was through the roof! I hadn’t eaten a piece of meat in 10 years! This inspired me to have further testing done. My Progesterone was so high that Dr Robbins jokingly said I must have had a sex change operation. My vitamin D was low, B12 was low, testosterone was low, etc, etc. Was 10 years of raw food alone not enough time to heal my body? Obviously not, though I had lost 65 pounds and was rid of some horrible diseases, I also had way more energy, I eliminated well, slept well, and became sick less often. But, was I totally healthy? Obviously not! Yet, I had absolutely no outward symptoms. I’m telling you, testing is the biggest teller of truth out there! Then, the biggest deal of all happened. Ninety days of proper supplements accomplished what 10 years of raw food alone could not. Think about that. Further, it often takes something called metabolic enzymes not found in foods to jump start a spleen or pancreas, that’s how far off they are! Sometimes, it even requires surgery!

I remember my friend Paul Nison announcing his less than excellent test results after being raw for more then a decade. I have tested many raw food leaders over the years, all with less then stellar results. This inspired me to test raw food only vs. raw foods with proper supplements. Not only do the people on raw foods with supplements test at higher levels of health than those on food alone, they also became healthy MUCH quicker then those consuming raw foods alone! There is no way to logically argue those facts. Also, I’ve never met a person who ate a wild-crafted, mono, seasonal, perfect, 100% raw plant diet every day of their life. This is yet another great reason for supplementation.

Over the years I have met many Hygienists in fact, I have done water fasts on a few occasions with them. Though a little fanatical about the capabilities of raw foods they all were some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I can honestly say, I truly WISH food was enough!

So, if the Hygienists are wrong, the other side must be right!

Not exactly! Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Most supplements are GARBAGE and do more harm than good! This because most are synthetic, made from chemicals. Making the hygienists almost correct! However, there are supplements that are simply nutrients that came directly from raw plants. We all agree that removing the cellulose from solids will give us juice. Then, you simply remove the water from the juice and what’s left over are the alive nutrients, aka supplements. Nutrients are the most important part of the plant, and the water is added back in when your consume the supplement (via glass of water). Not everybody has the time or desire to be constantly juicing. A supplement is juice without the water and like juice requires virtually no digestion or assimilation. So again, you get much more out of them then you do solids.

Arbitrarily grabbing supplements off shelves or websites just because he or she claims you need them is guaranteed to harm you more then help you. Taking supplements your body does not require insures you will have less nutrients not more even if the supplements are plant based and alive.

The sellers of these supplements say, “It’s OK to consume their supplements even if you don’t need them because they are water soluble. Your body will just pee out what it doesn’t use!” There is some truth to that but, they are failing to mention that your body cannot do that for free! It costs valuable nutrients, enzymes and energy to place these extra nutrients into your urinary tract. Thus insuring that you will have less nutrients in your body than before you paid for the supplements. I have a list of every vitamin and mineral known to man. This list entails the symptoms of not enough and the side effects of too much. Neither too much, nor not enough can produce health in the human body. For instance, too much C harms your red blood cells. Too much of any nutrient is bad!

Then there are the fat soluble supplements like D3. If your body does not need them, you won’t pee those out, they will simply plug up your liver! Around my home, warehouse and office as you may well imagine there are plenty of supplements. I noticed my wife consuming D3. I asked her why? She named off all these “pro’s” that stated in their writings that most all raw foodists are in need of D3. My wife and I then left for “Jimbo’s” an organic grocery store near our home. I saw her place Jameths’ (brilliant guy, makes great supplements) “Sun Warrior” protein in our cart. I took it out and placed it back on the shelf. My wife went ballistic on me, “How dare I dictate what she eats!” She lit me up in the grocery store! So I took her to my office and drew her blood.

Guess what, her D was at toxic levels and she had perfect protein levels. In other words, she need not supplement with protein because what she was doing gave her the perfect amount of protein and too much is bad!

So I gave her the Health By Mail test and she did need, after 12 years of raw foods I might add, B12, Calcium, Zinc, and something to soften her arteries as they were getting less pliable then they should be. I guarantee you randomly guessing at your body’s needs, and then guessing again to know when to stop taking your self-imposed supplementation regiment, will produce more harm in your body and wallet than help. So in that sense the Hygienists are again correct!
The Proper Way to Supplement:

If food is not enough, which it clearly is not. Nor should you guess or take ones word for it on what your body’s supplemental needs are. How then should it be done? The ONLY possible way to know what your body is deficient is to test! This will insure you are not guessing at which supplements to consume. The only possible way to know when to stop the supplements is to re-test. This is how true health is obtained! Find out what you are lacking, then find out when you are no longer lacking. Does that make sense?

Both sides agree that Nutritional deficiencies are a main factor in obtaining disease. Ejuva has put together a test that is done from the privacy your own home (no matter where you live) that will test every nutrient known to mankind. Then we took this test a couple steps further as it also tests for Parasites, Candida, Heavy Metals, Digestion, Assimilation, Allergies, Infections, Hormones, it even scans every organ and gland in your body among other important tests, all in one test. No DVD, Cd, book, eBook, lecture, retreat, raw food, or guesses on earth can provide that much information for your body’s health!! The results will dictate a list of recommended supplements and an overall program in writing that if followed properly will allow your body to heal itself and achieve maximum health. You will have a custom tailored program for your body’s individual needs written by both Dr Robbins and myself along with proper supplements delivered right to your front door.

Most consider testing a one-time proposition and then they’re done. Or, that our test results can be instantly altered just by eating or drinking something. Neither are true!. I personally test 4 X’s per year, every 3 to 4 months. This because that’s about how long it takes for most supplements to do their jobs. I found that when one deficiency fills in another tends to pop up. This is dependent on what you’ve been eating and what your stresses have been. I simply stop the old supplement that is now at normal levels and start a new one to fill the new deficiency. Like a car, maintenance on the body is never ending!

Some people argue that testing is too expensive. Ejuva’s Health Through the Mail test costs about $17.00 per week (if done every 4 months). I feel that fee is inexpensive relative to all that is being tested. I feel that this particular 17 bucks per week is so important it should be included in ones household budget as prominent as your house payment, utilities, and groceries. To not have testing included in your monthly budget is to me nearly the same as leaving raw plants out of your diet all together, its that important! And, all Health by Mail clients will receive wholesale pricing on commercial juicers and blenders if needed, for life!

In closing, nutrients are not the only aspect in obtaining and maintaining health. We all require sunshine and exercise. We need to cleanse the toxins/parasites/yeast/metals and the like from our bodies as our bodies cannot do this on its own. Most of all we need a mental attitude or outlook that is conducive to health. But, I think we would all agree that nutrients are a game changer when it comes to health or lack thereof. If you are interested in finding out where your nutritional levels lie, plus a whole lot more. I hope you will give Health Through the Mail a try, as we feel it is the most accurate nutritional testing available on Earth.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding nutritional testing. I can be reached at 866 GO EJUVA (463 5882) Internationally it’s 909 496 3252 or [email protected].

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