The Body’s Filters

Our Body’s Filters Are Very Efficient In Dealing With Toxins

For this discussion we will define herbal cleansing as when one consumes herbs for a temporary amount of time to rid the body of toxic wastes.

Some experts will have you believe that our bodies have built in filters and all one must do is eat right (raw foods) and the body will cleanse itself. The truth is, our filters, the liver, lungs, eyes, kidneys and some think the skin (which is not designed to be a filter but has been high jacked by the body to help because we are all so toxic).

All of the above filters were not designed for filtering toxic waste but rather something called metabolic waste. Even if one ate a perfect raw food diet, breathed perfect air, remained stress free we would still create something called metabolic waste. Our filters are perfectly adapted for dealing with such a waste.

Unfortunately, in our westernized societies we consume many things that include toxins. Our body’s filters are very inefficient in dealing with toxins. Though we are not incapable, we are poorly equipped at relieving ourselves of toxins. In fact, your body performs some one billion metabolic processes every second of every day.
No body has enough nutrients and vitality to performs one billion processes per second 24/7, while dealing with replenishing our already deficient nutritional bank accounts, all the while cleaning itself of toxins and ridding ourselves of disease even if eating raw foods.

e.g. If your living-room was filthy and company was to arrive in 20 minutes would you steam clean the carpets and clean the widows? The answer is no! You’d store all the “stuff” in the empty coat closet and worry about the details another day when you had the time and energy. That’s much how the body responds to toxic waste.

It doesn’t have enough time, vitality or nutrients to deal with what’s in there and then we unknowingly throw even more toxins in our body the very next day. So, the body stores toxins. Toxins are everywhere including your lymph, your liver, your tissue, your kidneys, your bowels, your blood, you name it and they are there.

The body stores and waits for a better day, in fact, what do you think High Blood pressure is?

Hypertension is when the blood becomes laden with toxins and in an attempt to neutralize those toxins the body will add fluid (water) to the blood stream. This increases blood volume which in turn increases blood pressure.

If the Human body was capable of dealing with toxins there would be no high blood pressure, there would no Hypoglycemia as well as many other common issues. Auto-intoxication is believed by most credible doctors to be the #1 cause of disease. This is where a herbal cleanse such as Ejuva can and does play a positive role in the human body. (for more on auto-intoxication visit

An Herbal Cleanse such as Ejuva will make sure the trash is taken out before the trash overwhelms us. To cleanse the body using Ejuva brings great benefit to one’s body. Your body will be MUCH cleaner after an Ejuva herbal Body cleanse.

Toxicity is a huge contributor of disease, raw food along with Ejuva herbal cleansing will rid of one’s body of toxicity and greatly improve one’s assimilation, all contributing factors to obtaining one’s vibrant health.

The Ejuva Herbal Body Cleansing program is formulated specifically for the detoxification of the Alimentary canal (from your throat to your rectum), your blood, your organs, your lymphatic system and your tissue cells, while improving elimination and general well being. Since every human being has unique health requirements, the program has been designed to be taken in 4 stages, each lasting approximately one week.

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Put in your email address and get access to 5 in 1 Book Of Cleanses worth $15.00 FOR FREE!