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My Bout With Cancer

Once again, thanks for checking out our Blog! After eating mostly raw plants, doing water fasts, juice fasts, smoothies, herbal cleansing, taking whole food supplements, exercising and doing nutritional testing for nearly 18 years and being a non smoker my entire life. Not to mention years of guiding so many people through their health concerns […]

Why Some Raw Food Leaders Have Cancer

**The following is simply our belief.  It is backed by massive research and more importantly thousands of successes on the war against cancer.  It’s OK if you choose to believe otherwise.  This is our perspective regarding  the cause of most cancers. Cancer (Carcinoma, Malignancy, Neoplasm, Tumor) Cancer is the end disease of all diseases. It’s […]

Why Cancer Patients Never Catch Colds

Raw Information For Raw Food Enthusiast Colds, Flu’s, and other Infectious Diseases are something virtually every American experiences one to several times per year. Is this just a part of life that we must accept, or are they optional, something we can control? Over the years I’ve read and heard many raw food leaders say they […]