Why Cancer Patients Never Catch Colds

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Colds, Flu’s, and other Infectious Diseases are something virtually every American experiences one to several times per year. Is this just a part of life that we must accept, or are they optional, something we can control? Over the years I’ve read and heard many raw food leaders say they never get sick!  My question to you is this. “If a lack of colds and flu’s are a good thing, then why have many cancer patients not had a cold or flu in years?” Today we are going to talk about “Acute Illness,” what is it, how we acquire them and how to treat them. Lets define from a medical viewpoint what is acute illness. “An illness that exhibits a severe symptom picture for a short duration of time and it is self limiting.” In other words, symptoms (can be severe) that will run its course and disappear.  An acute illness is (colds and flu’s) a form of vicarious elimination being preformed by the body (it’s a mini cleanse).  Basically, this is when your normal channels of eliminating wastes are so congested the body will send these wastes to certain areas of the body for storage and/or elimination. i.e. a runny/stuffy nose.  The nose is stuffy because the membranes are full of toxins actually increasing the membranes in size.  Runny because the body whats the waste out of the body. There is a saying in my circle that goes like this, “If you have an infection it will last seven days without anti biotics, with anti biotics, it will last one week!” Remember this as you read on.

Symptoms of Acute Illness

Some typical symptoms we all have experienced with acute illness include Pain (local or full body aches), Swelling (also local or entire body), Fever, Rash, Excess Mucous production, Stomach/Head aches, Diarrhea and Vomiting to name a few. What is this cause of acute illness? Germs!! Right? That’s what Pasteur taught us!  All his research said germs are the culprit! Contraire, today we are going to learn his research proves just the opposite. Using a broad brush approach I am going to say stress causes these infections.  Stress includes: a Organism/Microbe, Trauma; acute illness may not always be a bug as in sun stroke, or poison ivy, extremes in temperatures, dehydration, poor nutrition and toxicity; including breathing in poisonous fumes. Most see symptoms as foes, very unwanted enemies that need to be destroyed, at least traditional medicine sees it that way. I’m here to say ALL symptoms are our friends.  Symptoms tell us two things.  One, get out of the way!!!  If you hit your thumb with a hammer without the symptom of pain you would not stop hitting your thumb and ultimately you may lose your thumb. Two, they assist us to remedy the problem.  If you breath in poisonous fumes don’t you hope you will cough?  Don’t you hope your eyes will water and your body will create extra mucous?  This traps the toxins and helps us to eliminate them.  If you twist your ankle it will cause swelling. Traditional medicine teaches swelling is bad and for you to ice it down immediately.  When in fact the symptom of swelling is the body sending nutrient filled fluid to the injured area for healing.  The ice actually prevents that from happening.  Your body gives you Diarrhea because its trying to cleanse your liver.  Do you really want to consume Pepto-Bismo to insure you hold in what your body is trying to get rid of? All of you have heard of Leprosy.  It was once thought that Leprosy was a infectious disease that ate away at the flesh.  But, a British surgeon named Paul Brand discovered some years ago that Leprosy is a infection of the nerves at the joints.  One of the consequences of this infection is that it numbs the pain in the body.   Without feeling pain as the lepers accidentally cut themselves, stubbed their toes, etc.  Their open wounds would get infected. Not from the Leprosy but from the external bacteria.  That external bacteria is what ate the flesh.  So the symptom of pain is a friend, a gift, the gift nobody wants.  In fact, that was the title of Dr. Brands book.

Regarding Pastuer:

He cultured bacteria so he could watch them grow, colonize them, and ultimately cause an infection. He watched their behavior to find out what made the bacteria tick.  Pasteur began by growing these germ cultures on fruit.  He soon found he could not as all the germs died. This because there is nothing in healthy fruit for the bacteria to live on.  He then tried various things and ended up using what amounted to rotting soup in layman’s terms.  The germs thrived on this rotting material.  As mentioned in a previous email Pasteurs’ colleague studied Pastuers work and said, “Flies do not cause garbage, therefore it is not the germs in and of themselves that are hurting us!” Two things must be true before an infection can set up. First, something besides the bug must weaken the tissue to let the bug in. If this was not the case and bugs were aloud in to set up house keeping at their will. Everyone reading this would have died a long time ago.  This because there are bugs around us 24/7!  We all breath in billions of bugs everyday.  I can culture anyone’s throat reading this email and I would find Staph, Strep, T.B. and about a dozen other potentially life threatening diseases yet you’re still alive. So, why haven’t all of you succumb to your diseases?  Because your barriers are still intact. The bugs are being held on the outside of your body.  The mucous membranes of your mouth, nose, eyes, lungs and skin are intact.  In order for the bacteria to breach the membrane something else has to damage the membrane.  The bacteria cannot do that, they do not posses that kind of power.  Membranes must be injured in some way which opens the door for the bacteria. The other factor that must be true to let in the bug is the bug must have proper food to feed on. Pasteur proved that healthy tissue offers the bug nothing to feed on.  In Cancer studies all over the World they would inject cancer cells in healthy tissue and the cancer cells would not live. They found out they must first weaken the tissue before injecting the cancer.  It was not a strong immune system that killed cancer cells either.   White Blood Cells had nothing to with the cancer cells death. Bad things need toxins to survive!!! When I draw blood from a patient I often see bacteria, now these type tend not to give acute symptoms as the they are more along the lines of a parasite.  It is not the bacteria that concerns me.  It’s how was it let in, and how is it thriving that bothers me.  Something broke down and something was then breached.  Further, why is their body allowing that bacteria to stay alive?  We then clean up the blood and the liver and guess what?  The bacteria disappears without directly addressing the bacteria.  So if you have a pile trash in your back yard and you spray the flies (add anti biotics/herbs) all the flies will die.  But, if you don’t clean up the trash other flies will be back the following day.  That’s why I see so many that have had countless rounds of anti biotics and herbs.  Because things just keep coming back and they can’t figure out why.  Soon as we clean up their diet, fill in the nutritional deficiencies (and no raw food alone is not enough as some claim) and eliminate their toxins their infections stay gone.

What Else Breaks Down Membranes?

An ear ache for example; as the middle ear is lined with mucous, or how about a sinus infection, or a lung infection for that matter?  They all are lined with these membranes.  Most believe that the liver is made to filter toxins.  This is myth! The liver was designed to filter something called metabolic wastes.  These are waste products created by your own cells, but toxic waste is foreign to your body.  So your liver says, “OK, I have toxins, but I can’t do anything with them because I have some 600 other functions to preform just to keep you alive.  So, I’ll store what I can but lungs, sinuses, etc, you get the rest!”  When the toxins are delivered for elimination/storage this weakens our membranes as they were never designed to preform this duty.  Besides the weakening there’s toxicity there too, which is food for the bugs. As we keep suppressing these infections with meds and/or herbs, the body loses its vitality and can no longer create symptoms.  This is when you will hear someone say they “out grew” their infections or acne, or they may say they NEVER get sick.  The truth is the body no longer has the energy, vitality, or nutrients to create the symptoms it needs to fight off the infection.  When the body loses its ability to push out the toxins (the more the vitality the closer to the skin it pushes out the toxin) this results in the storage of toxins.   With this storage we end up with what America has an epidemic of and that’s called, “Chronic Degenerative Disease”. Those that have less than one cold per year have a MUCH higher risk for cancer according to one study.  I have asked many cancer patients over the years when was the last time you had a cold or a flu?  The answer is almost always the same. “It’s been years, or I can’t remember the last time.” So those that never get sick believe themselves to be in health.  I believe otherwise. I’m not saying its good to be sickly, there is a difference. But, in our toxic societies one should cleanse (cold and Flues) once or twice a year. Those that never have colds simply cannot afford to have colds and flues.  It boils down to energy and nutritional economics of the body. If you don’t get sick you are either the healthiest human on Earth, or you are sicker then you think. You pick which one.

How Do You Treat Acute Illness?

  • Lots of rest!  (the body needs energy so relax)
  • Reduce food intake (digestion requires lots of energy, this will help free up energy.  In fact, your body will likely take away your appetite)
  • Juice (takes very little energy to digest and is loaded with nutrition)
  • Water enema’s are great!  (if the bowel is empty, this insures that more toxins are being pushed out so less mucous membranes are being used)Fever is NOT your enemy!  Rather its our friend.  Fevers increase our metabolism 10 fold. This to insure toxins get out at a much faster rate.  High heat is what makes our White Blood Cells active.  Heat is the enemy of bacteria, bacteria thrives in normal body temperature.  If fever is too high and unbearable (I’m good with up to 104) then pull it down slightly with a luke warm bath and/or a cool not cold enema.  You do want to stop the fever just bring it down a couple degrees.  Be careful of dehydration especially with infants! Dehydration will kill, fever will not.  If one is regurgitating the juice or refuses it and you can’t hydrate them then insert juice rectally with a bulb cringe.  It will be easily absorbed and utilized by the body.  If fever is too low as in the first couple days of the infection induce it!  Take a fever bath.  Get in the tub, fill it with hot water (do not fill the tub and then get in) sit there until you raise your temp a couple degrees this will speed up the time that you are sick.  After a fever has broke it is very important to rest at least another 24 hours.  Your body just ran a marathon, though the race is over one still needs to recover. This is hard to remember as you are feeling better (especially kids).  But, if you don’t, you are setting the stage for a relapse.Add Probiotics: They make all our B vitamins, White Blood Cells LOVE B!  Also, probiotics produce a natural anti biotic which instantly boosts our immune system.Sometimes medication is needed!  This is never the first choice but as raw foodist’s you are NOT committing a crime if meds are required!   Meds are toxic and do not allow our immune system to do the complete job so we can actually get over the infection.  One of the main reasons we do not like meds is that it takes three days for our body to recognize the type of bacteria it is fighting, and build an army to fight the infection.  It takes about four more days to to kill the bug.  If we become invaded again our body retains a blue print and can eliminate the bug at a much faster rate the second go round.  Meds prevent this from happening.  But, if after seven days or longer you are not feeling better you may want to first try natural methods like silver or herbs.  They too prevent the body from cycling through but they contain less toxins then meds.  If after a week of that without results then meds would be warranted (you can fix up the damage meds create).  Sometimes the body has no vitality or nutrients and cannot treat itself.  That’s when we need to add meds.  Meds do have their place!   But first, do nothing intelligently! This approach works at least 9 out of 10 times.So next time you get sick, smile!  This because you know your body works as designed.  But, do not forget to correct the reasons why you became sick!  A big part of that is to help your body out by removing your stored toxins.  I and many health Icons recommend Ejuva’s Body Cleanse every six months, as your body cannot do this elimination of toxins on its own. Your body’s filters are designed for metabolic wastes, not toxic wastes. Ejuva’s Body Cleanse will force your body to eliminate the stored toxins, something your body will not do on its own no matter how well you eat (long lecture).

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