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Though herbal therapy and meds are incapable of healing or curing anything in the human body.  Herbs do have their place in obtaining optimal health.  Over the years I’ve heard many experts claim all one really needs to do is eat raw foods and the body’s filters will filter out the toxins and take care of itself.  This is a far from an accurate statement and this is where herbs do play a vital role. Though the body is not incapable of filtering out toxic waste, it is truly VERY inefficient at it.  Your body’s filters, (liver, lungs, eyes, kidneys, skin, etc.) were designed for filtering something called metabolic waste.  This is a waste created by your cells even if you ate a perfect diet of raw foods, breathed perfect air and were never stressed.  A waste that your body’s filters are perfectly attuned at dealing with. What these well meaning experts do not consider is, in our westernized society we place in our bodies a completely different type of waste called toxic waste, and much of it!   This type of waste is foreign to our body and its filters.  These type of toxins cost our already depleted body valuable nutrients and energy to remove.  As a result most of them are simply stored.


Because our bodies preform some one billion metabolic functions every second of every day just to keep us alive.  Because in our western societies we are all nutritionally deficient and lacking in vitality by a certain age.  Our bodies simply do not have the means (filters), the nutrients and the vitality to do all of its daily functions, while replenishing our nutritionally deficient bank accounts, while cleansing toxins from our bodies even if one consumes all or mostly raw foods.We were NEVER meant to become sick, its just not in the blue prints.  Nature only knows one thing and if we become sick its because we’ve done something wrong.  In fact, if you give nature/God/innate intelligence a healthy egg and seed it will create a perfect baby every time, 1000 out of 1000 times. The complexity of that miracle is mind boggling.  The baby would be born without defects each and every time as nature is perfect.  Defects in babies are as man made as cooked foods. We were designed to eat wild crafted raw plants that contain 10 to 20 x’s more nutrients in them then do the organic raw foods we eat today.  Nutrients were never meant to heal us because we are not supposed to be sick.  They were meant to keep us alive, to simply get us through the day.  The point I’m trying to make is we are supposed to be healthy and the much more nutrient dense foods were just to keep us going not to heal us. Most believe that the nutrients we consume automatically are used to heal us.  That is not quite accurate either.  The nutrients we consume are first used to get us through the day.  If by chance there are any nutrients left over at the end of the day the body will use those for healing (while you sleep).  This is because the body is programmed for survival, not health. We now consume nutritionally deficient organic raw foods that none of us digest properly, nor assimilate well, all due to our previous un-natural lifestyles/genetics.  Our bodies then preform one billion metabolic functions every second of every day just to keep us alive (usually borrowing nutrients to do so), all while lacking in vitality.  Then, while doing all of the above we ask our bodies replenish our nutrition bank accounts and get rid of toxic waste, a waste we were NEVER designed to consume.  A waste that the body is horrible at eliminating even on its best day.  A waste that is a major contributor to disease. As a result (of being depleted in good things and over encumbered in the bad) the body stores the toxins and waits for a better day, as that is the cheapest way out.  Your body wants to save as much energy and nutritional reserve as humanly possible.  Remember your body is NOT programmed for health, its programmed for survival.  In fact, disease IS a survival mechanism, without it we would die instantly.  In other words, toxins would kill us A LOT sooner if we did not have the capability to store them, that is one of the reasons why they are stored. Storing of toxins is similar to after a long hard day at work you come home to a dirty living room and you receive notice that company will be there in 20 minutes.  You would not steam clean the carpets, wash the windows and paint the walls.  You would “store” all the clutter in the empty coat closet and wait for a better time to clean things properly.  Only, for most, when dealing with the body that better day never arrives.  In fact, most days get worse and worse. If our bodies were efficient at the removal of toxins there would be no such thing as High Blood Pressure (storing of toxins in the blood), no Hypoglycemia (storing toxins in liver), no atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), no Lymphosis (storing toxins in lymph), no Auto-intoxication diseases period.  At least 50% of all females walking around today have Uterine Cysts and do not know it.  This is where their bodies have encapsulated toxins in a bag like substance called a Cyst.  In fact, your body stores toxins everywhere!  Your liver, lymph, tissue, blood, glands, your brain, you name it and toxins are there. Both Paul Nison and I after being raw for MANY years had poor blood test results.  Sure we lost weight, and we felt MUCH better through the consumption of raw foods alone.  But, we did not receive great test results until we incorporated cleansing and supplements to our overall health regiment.  The consumption of raw foods will most certainly greatly reduce the amount of toxins being added to the body.  But, it does not guarantee that body will get rid of the toxins already being stored caused by our previous un-natural lifestyle/genetics. If you continue to give your body toxins (and we all do, the air we breath, the water we bath in, etc, etc,) your body will keep storing, and keep storing, and keep storing until one day the trash cans over flow.  Until one day you’ve earned disease.  When we are young alot of us have acne.  This is when the body pushes out toxins via the skin.  The more vitality we have ( which for most of us is alot when we are young) the closer the skin body will place the toxin.  Everyone says they “outgrew” their acne.  But they did not, they simply no longer have the vitality the body needs to push the toxins through the skin.  Often the body’s last effort before death is called Pneumonia, very often you will hear that an elderly person died from Pneumonia.  Its the last effort of elimination the body can muster up, the body is trying but there’s no longer enough vitality or nutrients left to push the over abundance of toxins via the normal channels of eliminating/storing the waste.  Pneumonia when people literally drown in their own toxins.  Its when all the trash cans are full. All this is because the body is designed for survival, not health.  It will do whats best to get you through the day, whatever costs the least for your body, which unfortunately is storage rather than removal and then finally one day, there are too many toxins (disease).


9 out of 10 doctors agree that at least 90% of all diseases are caused by something called auto-intoxication.  Auto-intoxication is when our bowels are so plugged up with toxic goo it does not eliminate as it should (after each meal).  As a result of this toxin and metabolic waste storage we re-absorb our toxins that were meant to be eliminated.  9 out of 10 Americans suffer from clogged colons/auto-intoxication.  Auto-intoxication is a national epidemic and the beginning of disease. The bowel “feeds” every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies, so when the quality of feeding from the digestive system is contaminated or of poor quality, the cells and organs elsewhere in the body will be compromised and grow sluggish and inefficient. Please Learn more about auto intoxication and how to prevent it, see the video by Dr. Joel Robbins M.D., D.C., N.D., PhD, founder of the College of Natural Health, Author, lecturer, Genius, and Icon entitled “About the Colon” at www.ejuva.com.  I cannot stress enough on how important this subject is in regard to obtaining true health.  Please, click on the red links above and learn truths Dr. Robbins and I put together for you, about your health.


We cannot obtain true health if we are storing toxins! This is when a great herbal total body cleanse like the Ejuva’s Body Cleanse can play a vital role in obtaining health.  It will, in a sense, make the body empty the trash cans BEFORE they over flow.   To override the body’s natural healing priority system, to make it stop storing and start taking out the trash for a 30 day period is well worth it, and HIGHLY recommended. To force the human body to cleanse at a level it will NOT do naturally on its own is important.  One must remember, we became polluted through unnatural means and sometimes it takes unnatural means to help restore our health. There are many types of cleanses out there.  Juice, water, oxy, herbal, some believe  food  detoxes.  But it does not, the body cannot digest and cleanse at the same time. As with everything else there are many varying beliefs on what makes a great cleanse.

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