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Do Olive and Coconut oils really produce health?

Thanks for taking the time to check out our newsletter! I could not tell you how many times I heard “free” oils are good for me. Free oil meaning just the oil, the rest of natures package, or what the oil was contained in (the olive or the coconut meat) were thrown to wayside. Recently […]

My Bout With Cancer

Once again, thanks for checking out our Blog! After eating mostly raw plants, doing water fasts, juice fasts, smoothies, herbal cleansing, taking whole food supplements, exercising and doing nutritional testing for nearly 18 years and being a non smoker my entire life. Not to mention years of guiding so many people through their health concerns […]


Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast Minerals are utilized by the body for virtually every function the body undergoes to maintain life; and are a intricate part of the building structure of the body. Minerals as found on earth are inorganic or dead (lacking in carbon). The addition or bonding of carbon, hydrogen, and […]