Do Olive and Coconut oils really produce health?

Thanks for taking the time to check out our newsletter! I could not tell you how many times I heard “free” oils are good for me. Free oil meaning just the oil, the rest of natures package, or what the oil was contained in (the olive or the coconut meat) were thrown to wayside. Recently I was on hold at a raw food super store trying to get them to pay the money they owe me. Their on hold recording was saying how great coconut oil is for me. I had to laugh as I used to subscribe to all the popular beliefs in the raw movement which includes many silly things that actually harm the human body including how wonderful these free oils are.

Then, about ten years into being 100% raw, knowing all raw my guru friends and their thoughts on raw foods, all the lectures that I attended, the reading of every popular raw book out there as well as owning the raw movements most popular herbal cleansing company. Believing I too knew it all about raw foods as so many proclaim. Then, I actually became educated in raw foods.

I’m talking eight to twelve hours per day six to seven days per week in a university setting being taught by the God (no one is better, in fact, no one is in the same league as this guy!) of raw foods for many years. Then working along side of this raw Genius at his clinic for years, followed by having my own clinics for years, that’s how I finally became properly educated about raw foods! Those that self proclaimed as experts, I would be VERY skeptical if I were you.

Breaking down foods and blood etc under a microscope is how you learn hard truths in this field. Watching people get worse, or better will let know what works and what does not. Remember, authors need not be correct in what they write, they only need to believe what they say is the truth. But, Dr.’s with clinics and patients do not have that luxury. They need be correct in what they say and do or their patients will suffer. Here are a few facts regarding free oils that my patients know and so many others do not. We hope you find this info useful next time “they” tell you how good these oils are for you.


Free Oils:

Free oils are those fats and oils which are separated from the foodstuffs in which they naturally occur. Once they are extracted from their original, naturally occurring “package” (e.g the oil from the olive) they become a partial, or a junk food. These oils are nearly 100% fat and are actually harmful to the human body if consumed in large amounts. In nature these oils are placed in a whole”package” balanced with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, etc. Thats so the human body may easily process, access and utilize the oils contained therein. Once the oil is removed from this perfect balance we no longer have what nature intended for us. Once this delicate balance is destroyed not only do not have health, we have issues! Those that tout these oils as health producing are simply wrong.

Vegetable Oils:

Some of the more commonly known free oils are: corn oil, safflower oil, almond oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. The problem with these oils in relation to human consumption are:

1. The fat content is nearly 100%
2. They contain no protein or carbohydrates
3. Only vitamins E and F are present
4. These oils are processed (aka junk foods) in that they do not contain the complete package that nature had originally intended. Often they have chemicals added to prevent them from becoming cloudy or going rancid even if they are labeled “pure olive oil”. They often have other oils and petroleum products added as preservatives and no labeling is required per our governmental laws.

All free oils will undergo a certain amount of oxidation, becoming rancid (to various degrees) once they have been extracted from “natures package” regardless of the preservation methods used. Dr. Brain Clement director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Fl once told me he has proof that ALL fish oils (once removed from the fish) are carcinogenic. In other words, causes cancer.

There are always those that feel they know more then my teacher and his mentors. Saying, “yes, but there is this, and that, in these oils!” But like always only the good is looked at and never is the bad about the food considered. If something is too high in fat and unbalanced it matters not about the good as virtually all the good has been nullified. In other words, when bad out weighs the good, it’s bad. For those that believe free are good for you then consume all you want. Around here we choose to believe the human digestive system is NOT designed for high concentrations of oil. We also believe small amounts of these veggie oils will not harm you! So please keep things perspective, I for one place a little oil on my salads for taste. The point is, to proclaim these oils as health producing as so many raw leaders do is incorrect. If you want health from these oils just eat the whole olive, or the coconut meat. If you want extra taste on your salad, throw on A LITTLE cold pressed, organic oil, and enjoy!


Charles Partito N.D.

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