My Bout With Cancer

Once again, thanks for checking out our Blog! After eating mostly raw plants, doing water fasts, juice fasts, smoothies, herbal cleansing, taking whole food supplements, exercising and doing nutritional testing for nearly 18 years and being a non smoker my entire life. Not to mention years of guiding so many people through their health concerns from minor aliments to deadly diseases including cancer, I received the news… YOU HAVE CANCER! Imagine my surprise, among everything else that was running through my head.

Were apples and bananas to blameor was it my past lifestyle that was the cause? Was it caused by genetics, always there since day one? No one can be sure. This mass was so large the experts I consulted believe it had been growing for several decades. Imagine, turning down all that pizza in favor of eating rabbit food in a concerted effort to have health, just so I could be diagnosed with cancer. I really doubt it was the strawberries. In fact, I like to believe it would have much worse if I had not done the things I had been doing these past 18 years.
 I owned a business that “reglazed” bathtubs, sinks and showers (made them look new again) and the chemicals involved with that were exceedingly harsh/toxic. Was that the cause? Who really knows? There were no symptoms, I felt fine, you’d never know, until, perhaps, it was too late. I can say for sure how strange it feels to be walking around one day everything seemingly fine, and the next day being diagnosed with cancer. It’s hard to imagine unless you’ve been there.

In my case it all started back in December of 2018. 

(Dr Partito Aged 56)

I was awoken from a sound sleep, the pain in my abdomen was so incredibly intense, I can’t remember when I felt such pain, ever. I tried to wait it out but the pain only worsened. After about 2 hours of this torture I was driven to the emergency room. Believe me, I do not go to the hospital…for anything, that’s how much pain I was in.

The pain intensified to the point of me actually vomiting. The nurse was not happy about that! You’re supposed to vomit into these giant condom looking bags called Emesis Bags. They have the Emesis bag dispensers hanging on the walls. I had no idea what they were used for at the time, nor did care. I just let it fall where it may.
Finally, after a cat scan, blood tests, UA test and an EKG and some $10,000.00 later it was determined that I was passing a kidney stone. Later I read passing a stone is 2nd most painful thing the human body tends to endure. The first most painful, giving birth.  Five hours after I arrived to the ER, they gave me pain meds and something for nausea.
What does all that have to do with cancer you might ask? Well, when they woke me the Dr said she wanted to me to have my kidney looked at much closer. They found something in my right kidney that warranted further examination. She mentioned it could be cancer and made me promise to NOT put it off!! My first reaction was to deny, to laugh it off, me, cancer, there’s absolutely no way possible! In fact, the Dr admitted to me she was trying to scare me into getting it checked out by using the word cancer.
The Dr. sent me home with the images they took of me, some pain and nausea meds, and said to finish passing the stone at home. I chose a different method to pass the stone using prune juice and Coke (the drink, not the fun stuff!). The acid in the Coke softens the stone and the juice makes you eliminate. About a month later the stone passed without any pain.
In the mean time I had sent the images they gave me to a Dr friend of mine with whom I have the upmost respect. In fact, he founded the college I went to. He assured me the only thing in those images was a harmless and common cyst. To not give it a second thought as many people have these cysts and have no idea they even have them. These type cysts are just a bag of fluid attached to ones kidney, its one way the body stores toxins. See, I knew the medical Dr was wrong, I don’t have cancer!!! 
Something else that assured me it was only a cyst and not cancer, was the fact that the lymph that the surrounded my kidney, as well as my lungs were clear. That’s where this type of cancer tends to spread. So in my mind it reconfirmed that it was a only harmless cyst and not cancer. Needless to say I was feeling pretty good about things at that point, no cancer, just a harmless and common cyst and the stone passed without the need of surgery, not bad!
But the hospital was persistent, insisting I come in for another CAT scan. Even though I knew what they saw was only a harmless cyst, I decided to go in anyway…why not? I’ll get my blood tested too and come back with a clean bill of health…or so I thought. When the report on my 2nd cat scan came back it said I have a 5.75 centimeter (about as big as a hard boiled egg) mass on my right kidney, not a cyst, but a mass (big difference). The report said this mass is likely malignant and it had a 4 (the highest, or the worst) on something called the Bosniak scale of 1 to 4. A scale Dr.’s use to “label” a tumor/mass as to it’s severity. My Dr described my tumor as big and ugly.
At that point what I wanted was a biopsy just to be positive it was harmless. When I asked for a biopsy the hospital said NO! Modern medicine does not do biopsies on kidneys. The reason, kidney biopsies are too inaccurate. Twenty percent come back as a false positive. For legal reasons they will not say if it is malignant or benign. Just that it could be, or is likely malignant and therefore it must be removed asap.
After consulting with my surgeon, he felt (80% sure) he would not need to take my entire kidney but would not know for sure until he actually cut into me. I was given a 90% survival rate after surgery with zero aftereffects, no meds, nothing, just a normal life. Even though this conversation seemed so surreal to me, I was grateful believe it or not, as I know there are so many people that would LOVE to trade diagnosis we with me.
 Be advised, it’s important to credential your surgeon. Find out whether or not he/she has been sued for malpractice. Records regarding surgeons performance, license standing, etc, similar to our driving record are available. Trust me when I say, the skill of your surgeon matters!
The advise by the “higher ups” I know in the raw community was to do nothing intelligently. It’s likely just a cyst, keep an eye it and if it grows then have it cut out. The problem with that approach according to my surgeon was if it grew anymore, it would become entangled in certain arteries of my kidney, if that happened, I would be guaranteed to lose the entire kidney.
 In the end I decided to error on the side of caution. I would submit to the scalpels and have a procedure performed called a partial Nephrectomy. It would be done using robotics which meant it would be minimally invasive considering the severity of such a surgery. Leaving behind only six- 1/2 inch incision scars on my abdomen. So I lucked out once again! Not too long ago an issue like mine meant the entire kidney needed to be removed leaving behind massive scaring with a long and hard recovery.
The procedure was performed, it took nearly three hours. The surgeon removed 100% of a nearly 2 inch diameter mass from tip of my right kidney. It’s location was something else I lucked out on. It could have been positioned in the middle of my kidney entangled in the aforementioned arteries making it impossible to save my kidney.
My surgeon said the tumor was completely encapsulated. The tumor/cyst was sent to the lab for analysis to find out whether it was malignant, or benign. Of course I knew it would be benign, what else could it be?  I mean, I have been into hardcore health for nearly two decades and there are people that have been doing heroin for longer that have no cancer. The pathology report came back a few days later. According to the lab, sure enough, it is was cancer, not a cyst,100 percent malignant. Though surgery was a tough decision for someone like me to make, in the end, I had made the correct decision.
I would have never known if it were not for a kidney stone. You cannot feel these type of tumors. It could have easily metastasized into lung, lymph or even brain cancer despite eating raw plants as it has for countless others throughout the centuries. I am truly lucky! I could have chosen to “believe” it was only a harmless cyst and ignored what was going on. 
So I hope those of you reading this that tend take issue with Western Dr.’s will realize they have a lot to offer and are much needed. And for those that feel eating plants, or doing a water fast would have corrected my issue, I beg to to differ. I am certain that approach would have likely killed me. 
I’ve always said I hate the term “alternative medicine” as it implies instead of, or to replace. The term should be called “complementary medicine” as these two ideologies/methodologies absolutely compliment each other when necessary. In fact, I went back to see my surgeon for post op, he was literally blown away at how fast and well I healed. I believe that was a direct result of proper nutrition.
 I am now cancer free for the first time in my life in perhaps 20 years or more. The 6 months we knew it was there it did not grow. So how long must it have been in there to be as big as an egg? No one knows! While there is only a 5% recurrence rate, I’m confident proper nutrition will pull it down to nearly zero percent. Cancer free all thanks to modern medicine and not because I consumed uncooked plants. At the same time, I would not recommend consuming anything else.


Dr. P

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