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Minerals are utilized by the body for virtually every function the body undergoes to maintain life; and are a intricate part of the building structure of the body.

Minerals as found on earth are inorganic or dead (lacking in carbon). The addition or bonding of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (protein molecule) to a mineral makes it “organic” or living. While the body is largely composed of minerals, it must be remembered that they are organic minerals—- they are in association with or attached to a protein molecule.

The plant kingdom alone has the ability convert dead, inorganic minerals gathered from the soil to organic, living minerals utilized by the animal kingdom. The plant kingdom can bond a protein molecule with an inorganic mineral. The animal kingdom cannot.

The animal kingdom does not, and cannot exist on soil or dead material (e.g. angstrom minerals, minerals found in spring water, coral calcium just to name a few). It is only the plant kingdom that can “grant life” to the inorganic world. How can we put a dead, inorganic substance in our body and expect it to grant us life? If we could, we would be naturally attracted to consume, with delight, soil, sand, and powdered rocks.

There are two classifications of minerals. Concentrated and Trace. The minerals found in large amounts throughout the body are called Concentrated. There are 13 of them, and I’ve listed them in order, as they are found in the body, from the most to the least (Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Chlorine, Sodium, Fluorine, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Silicon, Copper, Iodine)

Trace minerals are found in minute amounts in the body. Their purposes are not fully understood. But, rest assured, they are essential for health. They are all found in raw plants so that we may continually replenish our supplies. The known trace minerals of the body are, Zinc, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Aluminum, Chromium, Lead, Neodymium, Selenium, Titanium, Tin, Silver, Rubidium, Nickel, Mercury, Neon, Strontium, Argon, Beryllium, Boron, Beryllium, Cerium, Helium, Lanthanum, Scandium, Vanadium.

To save both time and space I will not go into what each concentrated mineral is used for, nor daily allowances, which symptoms correspond with which mineral deficiency, nor which foods contain which minerals. However, for those that want that info just email me and I am happy to send it to you.

I recently heard a big raw food leader say to his large audience, “Don’t wash your vegetables before you eat them because they do not contain enough minerals, purchase and eat my angstrom minerals, and drink plenty of spring water if you want health and longevity!” My jaw dropped to the floor. The mis- information is so rampant in the raw community it inspired me to write these newsletters. If you really want to speak to someone who has accomplished longevity on the raw food diet then I would suggest speaking to the Yoda of raw foods, Ray Kent of www.ourplaceinternational.com

The 5 ways we become deficient:

Mineral deficiencies can occur from the following:
1. Lack of minerals in the foods consumed-mineral deficient foods.
Foods can be mineral deficient for two reasons:
a. Processing or fragmenting-
When processed or fragmented foods are con­sumed the body becomes mineral defi­cient for one of two reasons or both: making up the lacking minerals from its own reserves (pulling from Peter to pay Paul) and/or using reserve minerals to eliminate the toxic foods from the body
b. Mineral deficient soil
-Raw fruits and vegetables grown in mineral defi­cient soil will be lacking in minerals. Relative sweetness is the ‘test’ to deter­mine if the raw foods have adequate mineral content. The sweeter tasting the fruit or vegetable, the higher the concentration of minerals.
2. Lack of body’s ability to utilize minerals consumed
. In this case the foods may have sufficient mineral content, but the body is unable to make use of the minerals for one of the following reasons:
a. poor digestive and assimilative ability
b. bad food combining
c. drinking with meals
d. overeating
e. not chewing foods thoroughly
f. eating while under stress
g. body too toxic to metabolize minerals that are assimilated e.g. : anemia (meaning lack of iron) found to have plenty of iron stored in spleen, in fact, some anemics’ red blood cell count increased while fasting. Some patients with rickets (lack of cal­cium) improve after fasting and extra sunshine.
3. Overabundance of specific minerals consumed-mineral imbalance
The minerals in the body are in delicate balance with one another. If one mineral is in­creased in concentration, its counterpart is also expected to increase in proportion. Should only the first mineral be consumed in excess (mineral supplement such as angstrom) and not its counterpart, a deficiency of the second will result as the body will attempt to equalize this imbalance. This is why it is important to test (Ejuva’s Health by Mail) for your deficiencies. To know what you are deficient in, to get the proper type, and to know when to no longer take the supplement.
4. Inorganic minerals consumed (such as angstrom or mineral water).
Inor­ganic minerals consumed cost the body nu­trients, including minerals, to rid them from the body. An excess intake of mineral supplements can cause a deficiency of min­erals. This due to the body’s utilization of resident minerals in an attempt to metabolize and eliminate the inorganic and toxic mineral supplements. Another common source of inorganic minerals is the con­sumption of any water except pure water.
5. Mineral *binding’ foods
Some foods contain certain chemicals which tie up or bind minerals so that they cannot be util­ized by the body. e.g. Spinach, and asparagus especially when cooked, contains oxalic acid which binds calcium making it too large to be absorbed.

Best Source of Minerals:

A diet of raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds and nuts will provide all of the nutrients (including minerals) that are needed for the body to function properly. This diet will also meet or exceed the recommended daily allow­ances (RDA) set forth by the government, with the one possible exception being calcium. Understand that the RDAs were estab­lished based on the following: Toxic, meat eating individuals, the influences of politics, and money.

It should be noted that all the mineral re­quirements, including calcium, (in a raw real food diet) the amount needed is much reduced compared to those eat­ing a carnivorous and acid diet. This is be­cause with the acid diet minerals are used by the body to neu­tralize toxins and acids, and of course, a raw diet contains little or no wasting of minerals.

When studying minerals-their uses and functions-we tend to think in terms of indi­vidual mineral deficiencies causing a certain ailment. This approach disregards the prin­ciple that foods are not provided by nature as individual parts of food. e.g. an orange doesn’t contain only vitamin C. Instead nature pro­vides complete balanced foods with a multitude of min­erals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.

If we were healthy, if our foods where not deficient. It would be rare (if not impossible) that one would ever suffer from a single mineral defi­ciency. Unfortunately, through Ejuva’s “Health by Mail” program we have learned via testing ten’s of thousands. It is rare when one has good digestion and assimilation. It is also rare when one is not mineral deficient. Those raw leaders that state food is enough, are DEAD wrong!

So PLEASE, before you listen to these people trying to sell you their minerals, get tested. Testing (like Ejuva’s “Health by Mail”) will tell you what food types your body is better off avoiding (they may recommend certain foods that are mineral dense that your body does not deal with well ), how well you digest and assimilate what you consume (you need to know if your body can properly break down foods to see if your body can get at the minerals), which minerals you are deficient (so you don’t take minerals you don’t need causing a deficiency as mentioned above in the 5 ways we become deficient, see reason #3), what are the best supplements (supplements that are live, whole food, with delivery systems built in to insure they get to the targeted area of the body), their costs, how to properly consume them, and VERY important when to stop consuming your minerals. All testing done from the privacy of your home, all supplements delivered to your front door.

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Put in your email address and get access to 5 in 1 Book Of Cleanses worth $15.00 FOR FREE!