Is Cacao really Healthy?

Cacao has taken the raw food movement by storm!  There are raw chocolate contests, virtually every site sells it.  Many raw food leaders say its the food of Gods, I say, its not fit for my dogs.  Lets break it down and then you decide. Enjoy!

I spent years studying food, earning a degree in something called “Food Chemistry and its Relationship to the Human body.”  To know if something is good for you or not there are basic rules or qualifications a food must meet.  The first one is, is it a real food?  The definition of a real food is “Something eatable, grown by nature, of which a bowlful can be eaten and thoroughly enjoyed without processing it in anyway.”   Also, what food type is the food?  Is it a fruit, veggie, seed, or nut?  Or, is it meat, or a legume?

Though Cacao is grown by nature and is arguably the most chemically complex plant in nature it must be processed prior to consumption.  Cacao is a legume (bean) and when you break open the pod it is a literal slimy, gooey substance.  As for the taste, its disgusting in its natural form!!!  Legumes, or beans are NOT part of a healthful diet.  All Legumes contain more toxins than nutrients making them a negative.  Legumes are VERY difficult to digest in that they contain equal parts of protein and starch (creates gas) and must be cooked prior to consumption (exception spouted beans like mung).

Cacao is cooked in the pod, they call it fermentation.  They must heat up the slimy substance found in the pods in order to extract the cacao from the pods.  The heat changes the naturally occurring chemicals so that it then becomes palatable for human consumption.   Remember, not only are legumes NOT considered health producing but a real food should require no processing and should taste great right from the vine/tree/plant and cacao does NOT meet this criteria.  A legume must be processed, that tells me this “raw food” is NOT health producing.

Chemical Make Up:

Our bodies have a built in mechanism to eliminate toxins in a hurry called stimulation.  Stimulation should NEVER occur when we eat health producing raw foods.  Yet, those that say cacao is a producer of health have chocolate parties where people become so stimulated they are awake the whole night through.

Stimulation occurs when, in an effort to eliminate as much toxins as possible, as fast as possible.  It’s a mini cleanse.  It works like this, the body will have the adrenals shock the liver with adrenaline.  This forces the Liver to dump large amounts of glucose (the only thing on earth that gives the body energy) into the blood stream.  This in turn will speed up metabolism forcing the body to eliminate. e.g. Drink a cup or 2 of coffee, coffee is a bean or legume.  There are so many toxins in the bean (it will kill you instantly if you inject it in your veins) the body panics because it does not know how many toxins you will be dumping in.  So stimulation occurs, then you start going to bathroom, in other words, start eliminating your toxins.

What happens when the adrenaline is flowing, we feel great!!!  We feel euphoric, energized, all is right with World.  This explains why the drive through line at Starbucks is very long every morning.  It also explains why raw food leaders will tell you of the wonderful sensations while on cacao.  Eat an Apple, strawberry or banana you will NOT be stimulated.  That’s because you are NOT supposed to get your energy through stimulation! Stimulation means you are being poisoned, and it eventually causes adrenal fatigue.   Cacao is a huge stimulant, otherwise they would not be up all night reporting the feeling of euphoria.

Raw food leaders will tell you about all the wonderful nutrients found in cacao.  Its true, there are nutrients in all plants.  But, what they fail to mention is cacao has FAR more toxins than nutrients.  Proof of this is the poor taste prior to being fermented.  Your taste buds are there for a reason.  They’re your built in alarm system and they will let you know what to spit out and what to swallow.  You would definitely spit out cacao if it were not fermented and the people you trusted were not telling you it was good for you! Stimulation would not occur if too many toxins were not involved.  I could tell you about all the wonderful nutrients found in the coca leaf.  All the magnesium, and the calcium, and call it live.  How you would be energized and feel euphoric if you bought my coca and chewed on it.  But, its related to cocaine and it would never fly.  However, chocolate, that’s a different story, its harmless, it brings back great memories, who doesn’t LOVE chocolate?

It matters not how abundant the nutrients are if the toxins outweigh the nutrients.  If all the nutrients fit on a pinhead and all the toxins add up to the size of a golf-ball.  Then the food is a negative as is the case with legumes, and coca leaf for that matter.

When one consumes an apple, pull their blood and you will find that their white blood cell count stays neutral.  When consumes cacao their WBC’s triple.  This is huge!!! This means the human body itself feels that cacao is a foreign invader.   How could one, no matter who they are possibly argue that fact?  That fact alone means the case against cacao is closed.

In Closing,

Can a legume, with more toxins then nutrients, that stimulates the body, that raises the WBC”s, that must be processed, that tastes horrible, produce health in the body?  The answer is no!  But, just to be sure I asked my teachers and mentors and they all say no too.  Its a stimulant, period.

For those that tout cacao as healthy by saying ancient civilizations called it food of the gods.  If memory serves these were the same civilizations that murdered (sacrificed) tens of thousands in honor of their Gods.  These very civilizations became extinct, so how much credibility do you want to offer these civilizations and their ideologies?  Food of the Gods, nope, more like food not fit for my dogs!

Keeping it in perspective, I would feel like a hypocrite if I didn’t say this. There are people that place heroin in veins daily for some 20 to 30 years and live to tell about it.  In that respect will a little cacao kill you?  No, I use something called Amazing Grasses in my seed milk and it contains a little cacao for flavoring.  I’m willing to do this because 98% of my drink is health producing.  I’m OK with 2% of what I consume being bad.  This because I feel I deserve a great tasting drink once in a while.  I’ve done the math, it still is by far overwhelmingly a positive drink to place in my body (far more nutrients then toxins).  Onions, garlic, mushrooms and olive oil do not produce health either.  But, I’ll throw a little of each on my salads for taste, as the overwhelming majority of my salads are health producing.  Throw in my supplements and my juicing and I’m doing REALLY well!  The point is, to tout cacao as health producing just to make a buck off the unsuspecting, is flat out wrong!

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