Salt, Friend or Foe?

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Wow! Despite my extremely poor grammar we have more and more readers signing up to our newsletter I can’t believe how large our readership has become over the years. In our last newsletter, Dr. Robbins and I discussed the importance of cleansing with herbs. The response was overwhelming! Thousands wanted to know which of the so called “health” products being sold do not produce health.

We purposely left that information out because people who sell these products have mortgages to pay and kids to send through college and we didn’t want to disturb their sales. However, so many people asked me to name these products, I have decided to talk about them in depth. Some of the products include coffee (far more toxins than nutrients), chocolate (far more toxins than nutrients), mushrooms (so chemically complex they cost the body more nutrients to break down and assimilate then they give back to the body), cinnamon (have you watched YouTube videos where people try to eat a tablespoon and literally regurgitate, what do you think the body is trying to say about cinnamon?), spring water (dead minerals), high alkaline water (what’s the point, the body won’t allow high alkaline water into the cells), free oils such as olive and coconut (nearly 100% fat), herbal therapy (doesn’t work, it only masks the symptoms as meds do and herbal therapy is different from herbal cleansing), sea and/or Himalayan salts (highly toxic to the human body), and lastly the theory in which raw food alone is enough and supplementation is bad for us.

Before I talk about these things, everyone must understand we have to keep everything in perspective. I am not saying to avoid the above mentioned products. Remember, there are people who have injected heroine into their bodies every day for 30 years and survived. So is a little coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, some oil, or a little salt going to kill you? The answer is no. The human body is not incapable of dealing with a little bad food or drinks. For most people, the main purpose of consuming raw foods is to keep your body’s pH slightly alkaline. For those who don’t know, the measurement of tissue pH is just an analysis of minerals contained in your body. If you have enough minerals you will test alkaline and likely avoid disease. As no disease can survive in an alkaline environment. Those who preach we must consume 100% raw food are simply incorrect. That’s not how health works. The math has been done and the consumption of 80% raw plants will give you as much health as being 100% raw. In other words, 80% raw is enough to neutralize the 20% bad one may choose to consume, and I hope they consume this 20% guilt free as they will remain alkaline. If you enjoy eating 100% raw, 100% of the time, that’s exactly what you should do. For me, I choose to put some mushrooms, olive oil, herbs, and a pinch of salt on my salad. Not for health reasons because none of them can create health, I do it for taste. From time to time I’ll even eat a raw chocolate bar for dessert. My point being, certain things in the raw community which are touted as health producing are not. Those being mislead should know the truth. That does not mean you can’t consume these things from time to time without compromising your health. Especially, if you are into proper supplementation.

We have decided to break down each of the above in their own newsletter to let you know why we think they are incapable of producing health, including what a mistake it is to leave supplements out of your life. Once you read what we have to say we are convinced that nearly all of you will agree with what we’ve written. Today we will start with why we are claiming salt (any kind) is bad for human consumption. Before we do I want to mention that our last newsletter was very successful for Ejuva so thank you for that! Today I wanted to briefly mention a different type of cleanse than one mentioned in our last newsletter but it’s just as important of a cleanse. Yet this type of cleansing is often forgotten about by those seeking health.

Everyone reading this letter likely has parasites and/or Candida issues! If you don’t believe me do our Health by Mail test. This test not only lists the type of parasites and fungi you have, but how infested you are. In fact, Dr. Robbins says everyone no matter who they are, needs to do an annual parasite cleanse. EJUVA offers a cleanse called Para Nix which has been specifically formulated to kill parasites and their eggs. We also offer another cleanse called Candi Not which is formulated to kill Candida, molds, and other types of fungi. These cleanses retail for $195 each, but for our readers we are offering both kits (aka combo kit) combined for a huge discount . If you are interested in this type of cleanse use the coupon code killingcritters and get both of these cleanses for the price of one. The last sale overwhelmed us and many people who wanted the deal lost out as they waited too long to act. This is expected to sell out in a hurry too so do not hesitate if you are interested to see what comes out of your body.

Back to salt. I’m told sea salt and Himalayan salt are great for me! Salt is loaded with electrolytes(fancy name for certain minerals), and salt promotes electricity to travel through our body more efficiently. Here’s why we think those claims are bunk.

Salt is VERY toxic to the human body whether it’s table, sea, or Himalayan. However, without organic sodium and organic chloride we would dehydrate in a hurry. Organic chloride and organic sodium serve to keep our body fluids intact. Organic meaning they have a protein molecule attached making them alive, or useful to the human body.

Salt on the other hand is made from two main elements, one is sodium, the other is chloride. These two elements are held together by an IONIC BOND making salt inorganic (lacking a protein molecule), or a dead substance. Salt will not rot or decompose.

The human body does not possess any enzymes strong enough to break ionic bonds. If the body was able to break the bonds that hold the inorganic salt elements together, death, or at least severe illness (depending on how much you consumed) would instantly result. This is because both sodium and chloride in their isolated and inorganic states are deadly toxins to the human body. But, when they are bonded together, they are far less toxic to the human body.

The misconception is, table salt is the only salt which is bad for human consumption. Many raw leaders promote the use of sea salts or Himalayan salts. These salts are also inorganic, loaded with electrolytes that are 100% dead. These salts are highly TOXIC to the human body! They are a little cleaner source of salt than table, so if you had to pick one (which you don’t) it would be better to have the other salts over table salt. But, don’t be fooled sea, Himalayan, and table salt are VERY toxic. Remember the rule, can you eat a bowl full of each ingredient you are consuming and thoroughly enjoy what you are eating? Who is up for a bowl full of salt? Your taste buds are there for a reason, to make sure you do not eat things that are bad for you. Just eat a teaspoon of salt and see what your body tells you about salt.

I read a newsletter from a raw leader saying everyone should drink a glass of saltwater every morning. Saying how wonderful it makes her feel and how much energy it gives her. Why does she feel so good from her salt elixir? Because salt is a huge stimulant! Her adrenals kick in and all is right with the world. Table, Sea, and Himalayan salts are all 100% inorganic, or dead, and our bodies can’t make them alive. If the body wanted salt in this state, not only would it suit our palate, it would NOT eliminate inorganic salt through perspiration! Logic would tell you that if the body wanted that type of salt it would hang on to it instead of allowing it to pass through our pores. After all, we do not sweat vitamin C. After one has water fasted for 3 days the perspiration does NO LONER taste salty because the body was able to eliminate the inorganic salt through cleansing.

Some of of the problems with consuming inorganic salts are:

  1. DEHYDRATES THE BODY:In the bonded form, inorganic salt is not as toxic as it is in its separated form, nonetheless it is VERY toxic to the human body. Only 2 ounces of salt (12 teaspoons) are fatal.Salt is fatal because it dehydrates the body. In order to keep the highly irritating (acidic) substance from literally burning the body’s tissues/or upsetting certain chemical processes, fluid (fancy name for water) will be pulled from every tissue that it can be pulled from and the salt will be held in suspension.

    Since water is necessary for normal functioning of the body, the tissues which give up their fluid to hold the salt in suspension become dehydrated and quit functioning—Death. One ounce of salt requires three quarts of water (or 6 pounds of fluid= 96 times the weight of the salt) to hold the salt in suspension.

    Because inorganic salt is a toxin, it is a stimulant, artificially revving up the body’s metabolism in an effort to eliminate it from the body as quickly as possible. This stimulation creates adrenal fatigue costing the body energy and nutrients which ultimately depletes overall health from the body.
    Because of salt’s detrimental effects on the human body, the following diseases are known and documented by medical science to be associated with salt intake:
    -Heart Attack
    -Congestive Heart Failure
    -StrokeIf you will recall from previous newsletters plants attach protein molecules to inorganic elements granting them life. This includes sodium and chloride. In this “live” state they are beneficial to humans.The average American consumes 4000-6000 mg of salt daily. Heavy users intake as much as 10,000 mg (1/4 oz) daily which is only 1/8 of a fatal dose. 15% of the 4000-10000 mg intake is directly from their salt shaker. The other 85% comes from processed foods even if they are raw.

    The actual need for organic sodium and organic chloride is 280 mg per day. This is a minute amount and is easily obtainable from a live all fruit and vegetable diet! Keep in mind, comparing inorganic salt the average American consumes and our need for organic sodium and chloride is like comparing apples and oranges—-they can’t be compared! Sometimes we’ll have a patient that is sodium deficient. This is usually a issue with their kidneys. In this case we will recommend a pinch of sea salt daily while we are fixing the kidneys.

    All salts are BAD, harmful to the human body. So PLEASE do not place inorganic salt in your water each morning as this well meaning expert is telling us to do. It can only serve to harm you in the long run. But, a pinch here and there for taste is no problem. If you eat out once a week, you are getting more than enough salt. Organic sodium and organic chloride found in plants are necessary and are your only healthy source of those elements.

    To have your Chloride levels accurately measured check out Ejuva’s “Health by Mail” program. Health by Mail has been recently updated to include everything it used to do but, it also tests for parasites, Candida, heavy metals, scans all organs and glands, tests the nervous system, checks for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies, digestion, viral and bacterial loads, and so much more including a free 10 minute phone health consultation regarding your test results with yours truly.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding salt, or nutritional testing. I can be reached at (866) GO-EJUVA (463-5882) or [email protected].

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Put in your email address and get access to 5 in 1 Book Of Cleanses worth $15.00 FOR FREE!