Do Detox Diets Really Work?

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Over the years I’ve heard many “experts” claim all one really needs to do is eat raw foods and the body’s filters will filter out the toxins and take care of itself. It’s a great thought, but it’s little more than fantasy. This is where herbs do play a vital role.

Though your body is capable of filtering out toxic waste, it is truly VERY inefficient at doing so. Your body’s filters, (liver, lungs, eyes, kidneys, skin, etc.) were designed for filtering something called metabolic waste. This is a waste created by your cells even if you ate a perfect diet of raw plants. Metabolic wastes are the type of wastes that your body’s filters are perfectly designed to deal with.

What these well meaning experts do not consider is, in our westernized society we place in our bodies a completely different type of waste. These wastes are called toxic wastes. This type of waste is foreign to the human body and its filters. These are man made wastes and are not created by nature. These toxins prevent your cells from communicating with each other properly, create inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and the decline of your overall health. These type of toxins cost your body in valuable nutrients and energy to remove from your body. Since nutrients and energy are both endangered and valuable commodities to your body, most of the toxins are simply stored.

These experts feel you can eat your way to health. The problems with this ideology are numerous including the fact that our organic raw foods are too weak (in nutrients), our bodies are too sick (cannot pull out all the nutrients in raw foods even if they had enough nutrients in them) and every time we eat the body stops cleansing to make room for digestion and assimilation.


Because our bodies preform some one billion metabolic functions every second of every day just to keep us alive. Because in our western societies we are all nutritionally deficient and lacking in vitality by a certain age. Our bodies simply do not have the means (filters), the nutrients, and the vitality to do all of its daily functions, while replenishing our nutritionally deficient bank accounts, while cleansing toxins from our bodies even if one consumes all, or mostly raw foods.

We were NEVER meant to become sick, it’s just not in the blue prints (DNA). Nature only knows one thing, and if we become sick it’s because we’ve done something wrong. If you give nature/God/innate intelligence a healthy egg and seed it will create a perfect baby each and every time, 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000 times. The complexity of that miracle is mind boggling. The babies would be born without defects each and every time as nature is perfect. Defects in babies are as man made as cooked foods.

We were designed to eat foodstuffs called wild crafted raw plants. These plants contain 2 to 10 times more nutrients than do the organically grown raw foods we eat today. The nutrients contained in these foods were never meant to heal or cleanse us because we are not supposed to be sick. These foods were meant to keep us alive, to simply get us through the day without borrowing nutrients from ourselves (contracting disease). The point I’m trying to make is we are supposed to be healthy, and the much more nutrient dense foods we are meant to eat were just there to keep us alive, not to heal us, or cleanse toxins from our bodies.

Most believe that the nutrients we consume in our foods are automatically used by our bodies to heal or cleanse us. That is a false statement. The nutrients we consume are first used to get us through the day. If by chance there are any nutrients left over at the end of the day, the body will use those for healing (while you sleep because you’re not eating). This is because the body is programmed for survival, not health.

We now consume nutritionally deficient organic raw foods that we do not digest properly, nor assimilate very well, due to poor soils, and our previous unnatural lifestyles/genetics. Our bodies then preform one billion metabolic functions every second of every day just to keep us alive (usually borrowing nutrients from itself to do so), all the while lacking in vitality. Then, while doing all of the above we ask our bodies replenish our nutritional bank accounts and get rid of toxic waste, a waste we were NEVER designed to consume in the first place. A waste that the body is horrible at eliminating even on its best day. A waste that is a major contributor to disease. So next time you hear about a “cleansing or detox diets”, I hope you will be a bit skeptical about their claim.

Plants that contain a large amount of nutrients for our bodies are called food. These nutrients are used to get us through the day and maybe, if there are enough nutrients left over, to heal us. The reason food tastes good is because of the amount of nutrients the food contains. Herbs on the other hand are not called food for the simple reason they contain very few nutrients. Herbs contain too few nutrients to do human physiology any good (that’s why herbs can’t heal). The lack of nutrients are why herbs taste so bad. They taste bad because your body does not want herbs in your body. Your taste buds are designed to not allow you enjoy natural foods (not man made) that do not contain nutritional benefits.

When you consume a herb there’s nothing in it the body can utilize towards getting us through the day or healing us (herbs only mask the symptom, same as meds do). Therefore, the herb is used by your body for cleansing. I.E. eat Golden Seal, and since the body cannot utilize the nutrients, the herb ends up in the liver tissue. The body panics as it knows if you eat too much Golden Seal (and your body has no idea how much you will eat) you will die. Your body is NOT OK with simply storing herbs! So your body is forced to cleanse your liver to rid the tissue of the Golden Seal. Your body cannot just cleanse the Golden Seal, it must clean everything being stored in your liver. This cleansing cannot be done in only a few days or because you ate some raw food. When your body is done cleaning your liver, it’s much cleaner than before you ate the herb. That’s why herbs cleanse us and raw food does not. I haven’t even mentioned heavy metal poisoning, parasites, or Candida. If you believe an apple will force your body to release these metals or “unfriendlies” you are in for a very rude awakening. Don’t get me wrong, we all cleanse every night no matter what we eat. But herbs turbo charge your body’s natural ability to cleanse by a 100 fold.

Each day you wake, your body wants to save as much energy and nutritional reserve as humanly possible. As a result (of being depleted in good things and over encumbered in the bad as we all are) the body stores most toxins and waits for a better day, as that’s the cheapest way out. Remember, your body is NOT programmed for health, it’s programmed for survival. In fact, disease IS a survival mechanism created by your body. Without disease we would die instantly. In other words, toxins would kill us A LOT sooner if we did not have the capability to store them and borrow nutrients from Peter (lower priority areas of the body) to pay Paul (high priorities of the body like blood, brain, and liver). The problem with this borrowing and storing is it eventually earns us disease.

I am here to say eating raw food alone will NEVER rid your body of the majority of its toxins. It takes literally years to cleanse the average liver if you are using herbs. How much do you think a few weeks of consuming an apple, or a beet, or a lemon is going detox your liver?

If our bodies were efficient at the removal of toxins there would be no such thing as high blood pressure (storing of toxins in the blood), no hypoglycemia (storing toxins in liver), no atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), no lymphosis (storing toxins in lymph), no auto-intoxication diseases period. At least 50% of all females have uterine cysts, many of them who have these cysts don’t even know it. This is where their bodies have encapsulated toxins in a bag like substance called a cyst. There would be no moles, warts, freckles, dandruff, skin tags, psoriasis, eczema, etc, etc. Your body stores toxins everywhere because it’s easy and cheap! Your liver, lymph, tissue, blood, glands, brain, skin, you name it, and toxins are being stored there.

Both Paul Nison and I after being raw for MANY years had poor blood test results. Sure we lost weight, and we felt MUCH better through the consumption of raw foods alone. But, we did not receive great test results until we incorporated herbal cleansing and supplements into our overall health regiment. The consumption of raw foods will not only greatly reduce the amount of toxins being added to your body. They will also increase the amounts of nutrients, keep out acidity, etc. But, they will not guarantee your body will get rid of the toxins already being stored.

If you continue to give your body toxins and we all do, [the air we breath, the water we bathe in, your nail polish, your hair dye, your lotions, your soap, your deodorant, the fillings in your teeth, etc, etc,] your body will keep storing, and storing, and storing, until one day the trash cans over flow. Until one day you’ve earned disease. The more vitality and nutrients we have (which are a lot when we are young) the closer to the skin body will place the toxin. When we are young a lot of us have acne. This is when the body pushes out toxins via the skin. The skin (a filter) is NOT designed for this toxin elimination, hence the pustules. Everyone says they “outgrew” their acne. But they did not, they simply no longer have the vitality and nutrients the body requires to push the toxins through the skin. Pneumonia is often the body’s last effort to remove toxins before death. You will often hear that a person (usually elderly) died from pneumonia. This was the body’s last effort of elimination, the body is trying, but there’s no longer enough vitality or nutrients left to push out the over abundance of toxins via the normal channels of eliminating/storing the waste. Pneumonia is when people literally drown in their own toxins. It’s when all the trash cans are full.


9 out of 10 doctors agree that at least 90% of all diseases are caused by something called auto-intoxication. The bowel “feeds” every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies. When the quality of feeding from the digestive system is contaminated, or of poor quality, the cells and organs elsewhere in the body will be compromised and grow sluggish and inefficient. Auto-intoxication is when our bowels are so plugged up with toxic goo it does not eliminate as it should (after each meal). As a result of this toxin and metabolic waste storage we re-absorb the very toxins that were meant to be eliminated. 9 out of 10 Americans suffer from clogged colons/auto-intoxication. Auto-intoxication is a national epidemic and a main player of disease.

I cannot stress enough how important this subject is in regards to obtaining true health. I for one firmly believe those selling you a detox diet or a juice cleanse are selling you little more than a dream. The good news is those things are very good for your body and should be incorporated into your lifestyle but not for the reasons they are claiming.


We cannot obtain true health if we are storing toxins! There is no diet or juice that is going to remove all the toxins from your body. If food cleanses the body then why does Ejuva decrease the amount of food intake during the cleanse? If food cleanses the body then why is the ultimate cleanse a water fast? Since most have active lives to live and cannot water fast this is when a great herbal total body cleanse like the Ejuva’s Body Cleanse can play a vital role in obtaining health. Ejuva will, in a sense, force the body to empty the trash cans BEFORE they over flow. To override the body’s natural healing priority system, to make it stop storing and start taking out the trash for a 30 day period is well worth it, and HIGHLY recommended. To think a lifetime of acquiring toxins can be eliminated through a shorter duration than 30 days or with some raw foods is a mistake. To force the human body to cleanse at a level it will NOT do naturally on its own is important. One must remember, we became polluted through unnatural means and sometimes it requires unnatural means to help us restore our health.

There are many types of cleanses out there. Juice, oxy, water and some believe in food detoxes. As with everything else there are many varying beliefs on what makes a great cleanse. There is NOTHING that produces results like an herbal cleanse (with the possible exception of a water fast)! Ejuva is the raw community’s most popular herbal cleanse, and is recommended by more health icons than any other cleanse on the market.

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