Are Mushrooms Healthy?

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Often I am asked if mushrooms are healthy.  Over the years I’ve seen many raw leaders pushing them, touting their superior health benefits.  I’m sure you have too.  Simply put, mushrooms contain no health benefits whatsoever; here’s why…


Don’t get me wrong, like herbs and meds mushrooms do have their place.  In fact, there is a particular mushroom some use as a “natural” chemotherapy for cancer patients.

But, claiming mushrooms are health producing nutrient dense plants which should be added to one’s diet is very misleading!

Remember the first rule of health, it’s only real foods that are capable of producing health in our bodies.

Mushrooms do NOT qualify as real food!  Rather, mushroom is merely a fancy name for fungus; as such, fungi are VERY chemically complex.  In fact, fungi are so chemically complex the human body can barely digest them. That’s if you have good digestion, which most often is not the case.

Grains and grasses are also very chemically complex and are known as complex carbohydrates. Meaning they are so chemically complex our bodies have a difficult time breaking them down. The animals which thrive on these complex carbohydrates have 4 stomachs to get the job done efficiently.

Like grains and grasses mushrooms also have an extremely complex chemical make up.  Thus making fungi VERY difficult for our digestive system to digest and assimilate.  There are those who argue mushrooms contain vast amounts of nutrients and therefore we are benefited by consuming them.  As with cacao and so many other “foods” only the good aspects of the food are concentrated on.  While the negative aspects contained therein (which far out weigh the positives) are completely and totally ignored. Unfortunately our bodies are incapable of ignoring the negatives.  The negatives in foods must always be explored as vigorously, if not more than the positives of the food.

Fungi are simply NOT worth the efforts bestowed upon the body to break the fungi down. The fact is, it costs the body so much more in energy and nutrients to break down the fungi then the fungi can return to the body.  In other words, fungi cost the body more then they give back, making fungi a negative.

Keep in mind the body theoretically receives all it needs from fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and spouts. I then ask you, what is the need for consuming fungi anyway?  The answer is, there is none!  This is because you will end up with less nutrients than before you consumed the fungi.  Hence, NOT A REAL FOOD!

So I hope you are not fooled by the rhetoric of those who are telling you fungi are positive for your body.  On the flip side, keeping things in perspective, a little fungi on your salad will not kill you, some people actually enjoy the taste.  But do not think you are doing your body a favor by eating fungi just because they are not animals, nor are they cooked.

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