Candida Albicans

80% of Americans have Candida overgrowth

Candida or systemic yeast overgrowth is an epidemic in America. Approximately 80% of Americans (mostly female) suffer from this overgrowth. From skin rashes to cancer practitioners in the natural health field are giving Candida blame for virtually every health problem under the sun. Candida overgrowth is a legitimate health issue but I have other opinions on this organism being the problem of so many illnesses. I also struggle with the treatment approach of candida practitioners and their methodology to keep Candida under control.

Candidiasis is the overgrowth condition of Candida, an infection caused by a yeast called Candida Albicans. Candidiasis means “the condition of”, and albicans meaning “white.” How do we get such an infestation? It starts in bowel. Unfriendly organisms can dwell in the healthiest of bowels; however, they will be held in check. In our society we tend to add things to our bodies which disrupt our natural balance and this allows these unfriendly organisms to take over. All medications especially antibiotics will kill the friendly or “probiotic” organisms. Biotic meaning “life”. In fact, once a female has her kidney or bladder infection “cured” via antibiotics, doctors will often say, “Come back in a week to speak about the yeast infection you are going to get”.

Poor digestion also kills friendly bacteria. In the thousands we have tested with Ejuva’s “Health by Mail” program we have never found someone with great digestion. If you have poor digestion and consume carbohydrates you will create toxins through a process known as fermentation. If you eat protein poor digestion will cause the protein to putrefy in the intestine which will also kill the friendlies. So bad digestion leads to both putrification and fermentation which will kill probiotics and create an environment in the bowels that is not conducive to friendly bacteria. This environment will allow the the unfriendlies to take over. Alcohol and stress are also major killers of probiotitics.

There are 3 types of Candida infestations. The first includes bloating and/or diarrhea, which is related to the overgrowth in the bowel. Symptoms are strongest after eating, especially when eating refined carbohydrates as Candida love sugar. The second type of infection is when the yeast overgrowth is concentrated on a specific area of a body part such as the vagina, toes, tongue (thrush), etc. The third type, and the one we will concentrate on, is the most prevalent, and it’s known as a systemic infection. A systemic infection is when Candida leaves the bowel and enters the blood stream. Allopathic doctors have a hard time with this concept, but they are beginning to change. The reason they have such a hard with this concept is because if yeast enters our bloodstream we will die. So, how can one have a systemic yeast infection and be alive? This is because if something called “hard shelled” yeast enters the blood it will kill you, and in a hurry. However, Candida Albicans is unique in that it is a soft shelled yeast and death will not occur. However, certain consequences will occur as America is finding out.

What are the symptoms of systemic Candida overgrowth?

There are literally 3 pages worth, and I am going to name a few, Memory, ring worm, prostatitis, lowered libido, fatigue, PMS, anxiety, bladder infections, sinus problems, hives, food sensitivity, halitosis, nasal congestion, coughs, bronchitis, burning during urination, indigestion, pain in chest, shortness of breath, seeing spots in your line of vision, deafness, mood swings, loss of balance, rectal itching, mouth rashes, wheezing, teary eyes, and thousands of other symptoms.

How can a single “bug” cause so many symptoms? Candida, when it gets a hold of sugar it releases a number of toxins, 42 to be exact. In fact, any pathogenic bug whether its bacteria, germ, yeast, or virus when its fed properly produces toxins, that’s what makes them disease producing. In the same sense, the friendly bacteria produces its gifts for the body when they are fed properly. These gifts include natural anti bodies, all B vitamins including B12, they help with assimilation, and boost our immune system. In fact, you need about 4 pounds of those friendlies in your gut at all times to have a healthy bowel.

So, if you feed yeast sugar and as a result they make toxins, where are the toxins going to go? The answer is throughout the blood stream. This will result in a variety of symptoms. But can Candida really cause all those symptoms OR, does Candida bring to light an already weakened system? The answer is, both, to one degree or another. Remember, the second type of overgrowth will cause thrush, nail fungus, between the toe fungus, and vaginal discharge. But, all the symptoms listed above from A to Z CANNOT possibly be caused by Candida.

How do I know? Its simple, if Candida produces specific symptoms which it does, everyone with Candida would have the same symptoms. There would NOT be a thousand different symptoms each symptom varying from person to person. The toxins released by Candida are the same toxins released in every body. What happens is these toxins find the weak links in the body, and that’s where they settle. Flies cannot survive in a brand new spotless never been used trash can. They need an used, smelly, slimy, broken down, toxic trash can to survive and multiply. None of the pathogens in our bodies can damage us in and of themselves. They do NOT possess that kind of power. They need damaged tissue to survive and thrive, they cannot hurt us on their own, they are scavengers. We have to help them hurt us by damaging our own tissue through poor genetics and/or an unnatural lifestyle.

So why is that important to mention? Because we are happy to say Candida is cause of all my ills and take the “stuff” to kill them. But this leads us to a viscous cycle, that the Candida will win! I Think of the Candida as I do all symptoms, as a blessing in disguise, it brings to surface many of the issues that are wrong with us.

How do most leading experts go about treating the overgrowth?

Its usually a 3 pronged approach.

  1. Add something to kill the yeast. Traditional Dr.’s will give you one of two drugs. Either nystatin or diflucan. Or, by natural approaches which may include, probiotics, olive leaf extract, thyme oil, oregano oil, acetic acid, garlic, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, etc, etc.
  2. Dietary restrictions, which will include, no coffee, tea, diary products, no sugar, no foods with yeast, no fruit, no juices, vinegar, B vitamins, wine, mushrooms, nothing that contains malts, no white flour, no rice, no ciders, honey, melons, pancakes, biscuits, ice cream, no pepper, or dry cereals, etc, etc.
  3. to consume or add to your diet, artificial sweeteners, eggs, fish, whole grains, lean meats, and cooked veggies, nothing raw.

Here’s some of the problems with these treatments and why the above does not work. First, I do not have a problem with the natural anti fungi’s listed above. But, the two drugs are VERY toxic and kill the friendly bacteria that hold the yeast in check. When you take those drugs for a while which most do the yeast become immune and become something known as a super yeast and nothing will kill them. When meds are used we are not addressing the causes.

As far as those dietary recommendations there are some problems with them. Those foods serve only to control yeast, not to fix the cause. I don’t know about you but my patients do not want to control Candida they want to get rid of it! You see, even if you take the drugs you must always eat like this because the Dr.’s know the yeast will eventually return. The diets recommended do not build health, that’s the next problem. It does not feed the Candida which good, but it further damages tissue.

The reasons they want you to avoid those foods is because they have whats known as a high glycemic index. In other words, they break down into sugar very quickly. Other foods mentioned are dry foods like pepper, and cereals they attract yeast while drying. Coffee, wine, malt, tea, b vitamins (are cultured with yeast) mushrooms, baker yeast, vinegar all have yeast in them, and we don’t want to feed the yeast, or add more yeast, makes sense right, or does it?

Here’s the problem with their theory. Not all high glycemic foods will readily convert to sugar in the blood stream. The only refined foods that will readily convert into sugar are: refined sugar, white flower, and canned or pastured juices. These 3 are the only 3 foods that will readily convert to sugar (aka glucose) to the point where the body has no control of how much sugar is being dumped into the blood stream.

Since Glucose (aka sugar) is the only thing on earth that gives the human body energy, and glucose is in our blood 24/7, and the yeast are in our blood 24/7. Why then do we not have a constant outbreak of the yeast symptoms? Why is it only when we eat sugar do we have the flare ups? What’s different? The difference is yeast will party at your expense if you bring your glucose levels above normal ranges of 80 to 120. When you eat the 3 above mentioned foods the body has no control of how much glucose arrives in the blood stream. So the yeast who are always placing toxins in your bloodstream 24/7, but in small, or tolerable levels. When they get a lot of sugar at once they really release the toxins. So there is good reason to avoid those 3 refined foods.

But, what about fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices, carrot juice, they’re on the list too? We’re told they all have a high glycemic indexes. Here’s the part the Candida Dr.’s do not understand. Those type foods, because they are of raw form are processed by the body completely different then their refined counter parts. When the food is raw the liver hangs on to the Glucose and places it in the blood stream at levels that are necessary to maintain life (80 -120). This right level of Glucose does not allow the yeast to go crazy at your expense.

Fresh and raw are NOT the enemy even though they are high glycemic, with this exception. Some people have a sugar handling problem. Which means their livers are so congested, low on Chromium, and B vitamins. That you can hand them these natural high glycemic foods and liver can’t regulate the glucose. It sends all the glucose in the blood stream at once, just like the 3 processed foods. You can self test to see if you fall in this category. Drink a glass (8oz) of raw Carrot or Orange juice, wait 30 to 60 minutes and see how you feel. Do you display any of the Candida systems? If you do, then you must stay away from the raw high glycemic foods.

Hopefully you won’t have to stay away from them all together, we need to include those foods if possible for health reasons. So next time try only 4 oz’s instead of 8 to see what your body can handle, if any. This is NOT a Candida problem but a liver problem. If one must stop these raw foods/juices for a few months because of the liver issue then so be it. But, if you don’t need to, if your body is fine with those foods, then don’t stop eating them. Remember, we have to make the body healthy so the yeast can’t survive.

What about the foods with yeast in them that they tell you not to eat? This is basic microbiology, those foods with the yeasts are a completely different type of yeast then albicans. So stopping those foods is useless! To bring in a different species of animal will not make the original species propagate more. It’s simple logic. The good news is you shouldn’t eat those yeast/fungus foods whether you have candida or not. Not because they produce more Albicans but because they do not produce health in the human body.

How do you get rid of Candida, really cure it, not just keep it under control?

Through Ejuva’s Health by Mail program we have reversed thousands of the most stubborn cases of Candida using the following steps.

  1. Ejuva’s Candi Not Cleanse, this will kill the yeast without harmful side effects. It also contains human specific Probiotics that adhere to the intestinal lining 15 times greater than the “standard” probiotic. Also, our probiotics called Moflora are in powder form. Do not consume probiotics in capsule form. In theory to protect the probiotic from stomach bile’s sounds great. But, you do NOT want any weak probioticis getting through. The weak probiotics will cultivate giving you weak probiotics in your gut. The stomach bile’s are what separate the weak from the strong by killing the weak. Also, do not be fooled by a lot of strains of probitics. This a sales ploy, the less strains in the mix better the mix. Do not buy probiotics that contain more than 20 billion organisms per gram. This because the body can only absorb 8-10 billion per day.The probiotics that have 50 billion or more per gram are a sales ploy and most are starved before you consume them as there’s no way to keep that many alive for long. Lastly, make sure they are in a F.O.S. base to both protect them and feed them properly so they will be strong and healthy.
  2. Digestive aid as in plant based enzymes that contain certain minerals with the enzymes. The body does not use enzymes alone for digestion. Certain minerals are also required. These type enzymes are hard to find, I like Whole-istic Solutions enzymes with every meal.
  3. A diet with at least 80% raw foods and juices, and some whole grains if desired.
  4. Other supplements, Ejuva’s Health by Mail program will test you to determine which nutrients your body is deficient so that the proper supplements are added to your diet so your body can and will gain health (raw food is NOT enough). Heath by Mail will also test you for Candida, Heavy Metals, Parasites, Allergies, Digestion and so much more. You can also test for candida, through stool or blood. Do not use the written test. Test before your treatment and after. Keep testing every few months until the yeast are gone. Better to test than guess!
  5. Exercise, proper rest, sunshine, and reduce the stress in your life.

Now once the yeast start dying the decaying yeast cells become more toxic then ever. This is known as die off. When these dead yeast are floating in the blood stream waiting for the liver to get rid of them we usually feel worse then before we started the treatment. These symptoms will include head aches, low energy, poor concentration, feeling drugged, joint and muscle pain, fever, itchy skin, and sore throat.

Also, your old symptoms may kick in. If you get any of these symptoms they will last 1 to 5 days. The symptoms may cycle back in from time to time as it can take months to kill off the over growth. Some people have no symptoms at all. So don’t panic if you don’t.

That’s it, that’s what works, I hope this info has been of help. If you have any questions or comments I can be reached at [email protected] or 866 GO EJUVA (463 5882)

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