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The Political Economics of Medicine

In  the mid 1800’s, the Germans began to develop drugs known as pharmaceuticals. Drug therapy quickly caught on because it granted instant relief to the patient without having to change any of the wrong doing that caused the sickness in the first place. Soon, several pharmaceutical companies sprang up. Stiff competition arose between the drug companies so they got together and decided that, instead of competing with each other, having price wars that cut into their profit margins, they would join forces and form a cartel. A cartel is basically an agreement between similar companies who engage in price controlling and fixing to the benefit of each other. For example, if three companies which all make and sell aspirin got together and decided that rather than continually lowering their prices to undercut each other, ultimately slowing their profits, they would all agree on a set price for the aspirin. This price would be reasonable, yet high enough to produce a sizable profit for all three companies. They also agree to have slight differences in price to hide from the public what was actually transpiring, making it “seem” like competition.

Before long the cartel looked over to the land of opportunity, America, and decided to expand their profits by moving the cartel here. The problem was that most medical doctors in America at that time knew very little about drug therapy as they were using diet and natural remedies for treatment. One very popular form of medicine in the 1800’s was homeopathy, which uses very minute doses of herbs, minerals and other substances found in nature to produce the natural healing force of the body, it does not cover the symptoms as drugs do. Most medical doctors of the time were homeopaths, they were not trained in drug therapy nor did they see the necessity of becoming trained. In response the pharmaceutical cartel formed the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1856. Its sole purpose was to discredit, in the public’s eye, the homeopathic medical doctor and/or doctors who would not utilize drugs for treatment. The AMA did such a good job squelching homeopathy that most Americans have never even heard of the word. Yet today in Europe and South America homeopathy is still taught in medical schools and is practiced with great acceptance and with great results. It is interesting to note that there is only one statue in all of America in tribute to a medical doctor. This statue is located in Washington D.C. and is in honor of Dr. Samuel Hanneman the founder of homeopathy. The statue was erected to memorialize what homeopathy did to conquer the great plague of the early 1900’s.

Near The End Of The Century

The  drug cartel, needing financial backing, approached Mr. Rockefeller and Standard Oil Company (one in the same). Rockefeller saw a massive financial opportunity and decided to join forces with the cartel (his net worth became what is now in today’s money 200 billion dollars, no man, not even Bill Gates is worth anything near that much. He never took any drugs, he used homeopathies until the end, he lived to the age of 94). This union still exists today. This cartel is such a powerful, influential force, that its international headquarters which is  a huge complex covering a large city block  located in West Berlin, Germany. This complex was not damaged in the least during the bombing raids of World War II on Berlin. Yet, everything immediately surrounding this building was bombed into rubble.

To deal with the fact that most Dr.’s in the late 19th and early 20th centuries did not use drugs, the AMA formed the Council of Medical Education in 1910. This Council set up a set of standards that all medical schools must comply with if they wish to be accredited, receive funds from the government and not be forced to shut down. While medical schools at the time were not standardized and general upgrading was in need, this was not the motive behind the standardization by the Council. Its sole purpose was to get the medical schools to stop teaching courses on natural healing methods and introduce drug therapy courses. So, in 1910 the teaching of drug therapy in our colleges began and the reign of natural healing came to an end. Another interesting note is from that time on, the general health picture of America has steadily declined.

There Was Still The Possibility:

The graduate Dr. would go on his way and not prescribe drugs, which was not good business for the Orthodox (approved opinion) drug pushing methods of the cartel. So the AMA (again, who was founded by the cartel) established the Professional Standard Review Organization. This committee has the right to go into any medical doctor’s office and pull his/her license if one is not following the AMA approved procedures, all in the “interests of the public well-being”.

In 1906 the cartel instigated the founding of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is propagated as an independent, government agency that would;

  1. test and approve all foods and drugs to see if they are safe for human consumption
  2. remove from the market any product they deem “unsafe”

This gave the FDA the unprecedented and unchallenged power to approve drugs as safe, and vilify vitamin products as harmful. The documentation is overwhelming to the number of drugs that are released on the market that are known as carcinogenic or disease producing. In fact, it is been suggested that prior to the release of certain drugs the FDA knows that “X” amount of the population will die from the drug.

The FDA are always increasing their efforts to do away with the natural health movement. This is because more and more people are getting fed up with not seeing any results from the medical approach and are seeking natural alternatives. A recently published memo from the FDA says at the top, “Not intended for general distribution outside the FDA” and the memo states: “Last year, FDA personnel began undercover surveillance of natural health producers and distributors making drug claims for any serious diseases for products and services which are unapproved at best and known to be worthless or indirectly dangerous at worst.” This undercover work was not authorized by Congress, which is supposed to be done before the FDA can release its consumer safety officers. These officers were given specific instructions to harass the increasing millions of aware consumers who are turning away en masse from dangerous and addictive drugs.

The worst part of it is that the FDA, according to their own handbook of rules and regulations (section 411), has no jurisdiction over:

*other ingredients of foods which are not harmful to the body.

Further, the FDA is not supposed to stop manufacturers of these products from making claims as to the uses and health producing benefits. Yet, the FDA will continue to do its best to control natural healing substances and make the consumer think the FDA can regulate those substances. Not because these substances are harmful, but because these substances take money away from the pharmaceutical cartel.

At this point the question comes to mind; “If the FDA is an independent government agency, not linked with the pharmaceutical cartel (as they claim), whose sole purpose is to test for harmful substances and approve or disapprove in the interest of well-being for the general public, then why would they try so hard to stop the production of unharmful, health producing substances, while approving drugs they know will kill people?”

This may help you to find the answer. 70% of the FDA payroll is paid from the profits of the cartel. Every head of the FDA has retired to become a high ranking board member of the cartel. The FDA will try you, convict you, without a jury of your piers and you are not allowed to appeal. As I write this newsletter D. Pettifogg, Esq. representing the FDA has filed a petition with our Superior Court to permanently suspend the Constitution of the United States for the FDA when claiming to act in “the public interest” for the benefit of its primary source of revenue, Pharmaceutical Companies.

Another Brainstorm Of AMA

Was to ensure public opinion was a positive one for the medical money making machine. So the formation of the anti-healing ATRS/Pro Medical Arts Propaganda Committee was born. This committee’s job was and still is to distribute literature and propaganda denouncing natural healing arts. For example, until recently one could get from the committee a packet of information which totally degraded the chiropractic profession. This has now stopped due to legal pressure applied to the AMA by the chiropractors. The Osteopaths were also blackballed by the AMA until Osteopaths caved and decided in the 1950’s to become medical doctors. Meaning, the Osteopaths began teaching drug therapy in their schools and became licensed therein. The AMA then laid off because the Osteopaths began earning even more money for the cartel.

The final piece of the puzzle was to make sure the general public could afford the expensive AMA/pharmaceutical cartel approved drugs and treatment procedures. To do this the AMA convinced the health insurance companies that their medical treatments and methods are the best and should be the only methods used. While all the natural healing methods are both dangerous and useless. The next step, which is in progress now, is to establish socialized medicine. This would use taxpayers money to pay for drugs and make it very convenient for the consumer. Why would one want to go the natural route when drug therapy is free? With socialized medicine the cartel can in effect write its own check and no longer have to worry about public opinion going against them. This because the government dictates what each treatment will, or will not encompass.

Remember, there is no freedom of healing in our Constitution. What is ordered by the government (or those that pay the government) is the law, do anything else and you will go to jail. This very scenario was predicted by Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), he was a colonial  physician known as the “Father of American Medicine.” He was a founding father and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He served as the Surgeon General of the Continental Army, and he opened the first free medical clinic at the Pennsylvania Hospital. Quote,”The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic. … Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.” His prediction, without a doubt, has come to fruition!

Of course the AMA will claim that we are living longer as a result of their crusade. That is not an entirely true statement! Even if it were true, I would attribute longer life to more sanitary living conditions such as underground sewage and washing ones hands, no longer cooking from lead/tin pots, refrigeration, knowing that green meat and warm Mayonnaise are bad things, much less malnutrition, etc, etc.

To Conclude:

A  brief discussion of some of the medical treatments should help to make it quite clear just how strong and money hungry the AMA, pharmaceutical cartel and the government really are, all at the cost of our health. This year one out of three Americans will get cancer. This is the worst it’s ever been. In fact in 1900, cancer was not even a health concern!  Today cancer is an epidemic by admission of the

AMA, and they are predicting it will get worse every year. The puzzling thing is that more people are dying of cancer today, per capita, than ever before in-spite of our tremendous advances in medical health science. The current cure rate of all cancers combined using the orthodox medical approach (surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy) is 5- 12%. That translates into an 88 – 95% failure rate. This is based on all cancers that did not return within five years after treatment. Question is, why five years? If it is cured then it can’t and should not return. The truth of the matter is most cancers will return after five years. In order to make their statistics look good they had to establish a “by the 5th year if it has not returned its cured”, rule. To further aid their statistics, any patient that dies while in the treatment is eliminated from the study. Only those that survive the medical treatment of cancer are included. The actual number of patients who undergo medical treatment for cancer and survived longer than five years is much less than they claim.

Another study was done to determine how long people live from the time of their diagnosis of cancer who undergo medical treatment vs. those who do nothing as far as treatment. This study claims  those who refuse cancer treatment live on average 12 years from the time of diagnosis. Those who go through medical treatment for cancer, live on average for three years.

The clinics that are using natural approaches for the treatment of cancer (diet, vitamins, etc.) Have a success rate of 68-75% (this includes all patients that start the treatment, whether they died during treatment or not). Also, keep in mind that most patients who seek natural treatment of cancer, have already had their bodies tremendously depleted and run down by the medical treatments of cancer. So the success rate of natural means are even more astounding. Why does the medical profession and FDA purposely deny any validity to natural methods? This in the face of an ever decreasing medical success rate and growing number of cancer. Treatment of cancer in this country by medical means grosses over $500,000,000.00 dollars a day. The medical cancer patient represents between $100,000 and $400,000 per year for treatment. This compared to the natural healing program which cost between $4000 and $30,000 and is a one-time expenditure; plus it doesn’t put money into the cartel’s bank account. Much negative publicity is given to natural cancer clinics if someone dies, i.e. Steve McQueen, but nothing is said of the successes of these very clinics. Likewise, nothing is ever said when someone dies from the orthodox treatments of cancer. Cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy usually state that they would rather have taken their chances with natural treatment or even done nothing than to have undergone medical treatment if they had known before hand how terrible the medical treatment actually is.

In fairness, we cannot blame the local medical doctor! He/she are just doing what they were taught, they honestly believe that the patient is getting the best treatment available (as do most of the public). It is the government, the FDA, the cartel and the AMA that are at fault. And yes, medicine ABSOLUTELY has its place as in, crisis care (saving a life or making life livable).

For further reading on the Political Economics of Medicine;

World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin

Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelshon, M. D.

Cancer Blackout by Nat Morris

Dissent in Medicine: nine doctors speak out by Robert S. Mendelshon, M. D.

A quote to ponder: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”.

Thomas A. Edison

US inventor (1847 – 1931)


*All statistics contained herein were supplied by the “unaccredited” College of Natural Health

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